Saturday, February 23, 2008

Rachel cute faces!

Our date night with Malachi to see ELMO!!!

This was sooooo much fun for us! We got friends to watch little Rachel and we took Malachi to Detroit to see Elmo makes music in box seats at the Fox Theatre(which were given to Aaron from a customer he sold furniture to months much fun for us) Our night was great just enjoying Malachi! We had a great buffet dinner overlooking the entrance and had our own box to ourselves with a waitress and dessert during intermission...which also let me know that Malachi doesn't like ice cream!!! Yeh...he doesn't get sugar so of course one thing he's never had was ice cream and so I decided he was old enough to try it...yeh...spit it out! Didn't like it! HA HA HA! I am not upset at all about that! Just glad that sugar intake is something we don't have to worry about now. He had a blast so enjoy these fun pictures!!

The picture above is the ceiling in the entry to the theatre...then bellow is where we sat and ate dinner looking out at the entry....

We tried to get a picture of us three in the dark theatre but Malachi was tooo busy!!!

This is our box!!

And of course we had to sport our Sesame Street shirt for the first time...he even freaked out about that before we even left for the show!

Finally at the end Malachi was so excited about real live Elmo....well because he'd never seen the show, he'd just read the books so he was wired and had half a oatmeal cookie...sugar..yep..he was wound up! He mixed our water drinks and danced around! FUNNY kiddo!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Beautiful children

Here they are in their cuteness!! And of course it's still snowing here in MI!!!

Fun with the family

When I look at my children and my husband I really am in awe of how the Lord Jesus has guided us thus far and blessed us so very much. As we continue to pray for a move to Colorado soon we have of course thought over every state we've lived in since we married. Every time we've left we have seen why the Lord had us in that place in so many ways. To our surprise, we've stayed in Michigan longer than any other place...almost two years and we really don't like Michigan...sorry guys! We've really enjoyed the fellowhsip that we've found here and most of all our dependence upon the Lord and His guidance. He's absolutely used these moves to improve our marriage. We've only truly had Him and each other to lean on and that has been awesome.'s some fun fam pic's!

Malachi is very very very adamant about helpint unload the dishwasher. He gets so antsy to help Mommy or Daddy in so many ways! Here he's helping Aaron and later you'll see him help take the trash out...he love's that!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Who makes Rachel laugh the most??

Well, the answer is ....Malachi makes Rachel laugh all the time...more than mommy and daddy! And it's absolutely fun to watch!

Trip to Ft Wayne, IN

It was sooo much fun to meet in the middle with our great friend Shelley and her boy Caleb and of course to say hi to the new girl in her belly who should be arriving soon! We actually were blessed to meet because Aaron sold them furniture when we lived in Indy and she and I were pregnant, got together for dinner, found out we were Christians and just had a great time being prego together and having our sons three weeks apart. It was so fun to see her and Caleb and the one in the oven! We love and miss them tons!


We are not fans of those cute creatures that chew through my bird feeder and have eaten most of my vegetables and fruit I grow in the summer, so here's a picture of Malachi helping mommy scare those pesky squirrel's away!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

New pictures!

So we finally got a new digital camera after a month of searching and two mis-fires on ordering from some very misleading websites(just make sure you call and ask if the product your buying is USA made or...from the "grey-market"...yeh they don't tell you that on the site!) So here are my precious little ones and of course, Malachi with his new slippers that Manaw made!!!
These are my bright eyed beauties~~~

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