Monday, January 31, 2011

Toddlers and Tiaras....NOT IN THIS FAMILY

From the title you might assume I've seen the show...nope...just the preview and that's enough for me. I love this video of Rachel because it's just her. There is no way I would try to force her not to be a cute and absolutely a space case 3 year old. So when folks on those shows freak out because there 3 or 4 year old who still has a pacifier along with fake nails, a fake tan, more makeup then I've worn my whole life and more hairspray then I will ever come to own in their hair....because they just want to be a kid and can't remember what steps to what routine they are supposed to have...just makes me laugh. This video is so funny because I keep trying to get her to repeat what she had JUST said and she can't ....ha! Why did I keep trying?? Don't know.

Rehearsal for Christmas program

The kids did there first CHRISTmas program at our church, Summitview Community Church, here in Fort Collins. The rehearsal was so fun and I got much better film since they were in totally different places on stage on that Sunday. So...there performance is ages 2 1/2 to 5...yes our church has a TON of kids and it's just awesome! you'll see little Rachel in the grey shirt...and sweet Wyatt next to her...then I will scan to the left and Malachi's in the back row with his favorite golfer hat....

Now...what's even more cute here is that Wyatt is more singing...cutie...just for you Ams!!!

And a little video where Malachi and Rachel are in the same area. CUTIES!!

A great laugh!!!

This video was the day before CHRISTmas but I just love it....great laughs in this house!

a bunch of pictures update!!'s some pictures from Christmas till now....enjoy
Yep...Malachi was the first awake...after mommy woke up at around 7am...not bad!

The kids were excited to celebrate Jesus' birthday...and didn't realize they would have presents until the night before when they learned presents would be there in the morning.
Malachi's first Transformer car....thanks to Pawpaw and Mawmaw...he loves it!!!

And from Pawpaw and Mawmaw Isaiah got this hilarious zebra!! So fun!

And their gift from daddy and mommy was each of them got a dress up trunk full of costumes we'd collected since the summer...they love them!!
This was at my sisters house where the kids made Jesus' birthday was a masterpiece.'s the pirate costume...funny how he made such a face and he's never seen a pirate! Rachel is posing in her sweet handmade skirt and hat from Grandma.
And now she's a pirate!

Malachi LOVES to help a lot...and feeding his baby bro is his favorite.

Love this...poor kiddo couldn't keep his pants on!!

So Aaron treated me to a great birthday! He was supposed to head to work because it was Martin Luther so he got up and let me sleep a little extra while he got ready for work and watched the kids. Then I was sitting downstairs after he made me eggs and coffee...then he texted me from upstairs...saying I needed to be somewhere at 9:15...yeh I needed to get dressed. He told me he'd stay home and send me a text of the number to call on my way to old town and find out where I was going. I called and yipppeee....Aveda salon for a facial and full body massage!! AWESOME. Got home and Aaron headed to work and said to be ready by 6pm because a sitter would be here. It was a great day. The sitter showed up and we went to eat at my favorite...sushi!!! Jeju Shushi restaurant. It was great and Aaron even tried some. Then we headed home to a sweet surprise party of a few women I love and a homemade strawberry cake with strawberry icing...AARON made it!! It was awesome. GREAT 32nd birthday!.....and when I got to bed...he handed me an envelope that had two tickets to Toby Mac concert with Brandon Heath opening in Denver for Feb. 3rd!!! AWESOME

Uh....she picked the clothes and I messed with her fun!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Humbled but incredibly proud of our son

So...I will tell you the story from the end and then explain how this all came about.....

Yesterday I was alone with the three kids in line at Old Navy to return something. There was a woman and her two kids, a boy who was 5 and a girl 7, in front of us and Malachi asked me quietly if he could tell the girl....I said absolutely.
"Guess what?" Malachi
"what?" girl
"Jesus loves you. Jesus is our God and Savior. Jesus died on the cross for you. Jesus wants you to believe." Malachi
"I know that."girl
Ok...I am welling up with tears as he bravely told this girl something I know I used to not be timid about and I saw in my son that same simple fearless desire...I LOVE IT! Then he saw a lady behind me alone and said, "Mommy, I want to tell an adult." I of course said..."ABSOLUTELY". He turned and said the exact same thing to the woman, who seemed a bit uncomfortable and then just quietly said.."I've heard that before."
This all came about because of a few conversations we have had in the past two weeks about Malachi wanting to be with Jesus. When Malachi asked Aaron what a cemetery was it led to the obvious statement after we said some people who've died are with Jesus....."I want to die now"...ugggh. Not what we want to hear...but we explained that Malachi's job here wasn't complete and explained a little what we are hear to a few days later Malachi and Rachel were talking about flying up to see Jesus with the angels....or butterflies(Rachel's idea). Then he asked me if Jesus could come back now through the clouds on his white horse and get us. I said that it wasn't time yet, to my knowledge, and of course Malachi wanted to know why. I just said that there are lots of people who don't know Jesus, his love and his death on the cross for them. And they don't believe in Him so we have to tell them and pray for them. Praying for them is something Malachi's done a lot for friends he knows don't know Jesus but the idea that he could tell people and that could get Jesus here sooner got him going...HA! AWESOME! I did have to remind Malachi that he could not MAKE someone believe that God would do the work in their hearts but we need to tell them about Jesus to get them to understand what we believe and then hope they too will pray and believe...yep...Malachi is really getting it. And I...well....I am reminded of that fearlessness I had for so long to just tell anyone and everyone I saw about that unbelievable gift of Jesus Christ and although life as a mom of three is busy now...with at least one little evangelist partnered with me we can too share Christ as a team!!! SO AWESOME!!!! Proud of my son.

Oh...and I am sorry I haven't blogged in to come soon!

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