Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rachel being....Rachel!

Oh the day that goes by when Rachel doesn't crack me up is when she's sick or not here....

So in the car on our way back from our week vacation at Taylor Park/Grand Junction...Aaron decides to pull jokes on the kids like my dad did. He drove over the sound bars on the side of the road to startle them. They were cracking up. And so here's what was said...
Me-"Isn't Daddy Silly?"
Kids-"yes, daddy is silly"
Me-"I think he's goofy."
Malachi-Laughing loudly "Daddy you're goofy"
Rachel- Yelling with a huge laugh "No...Daddy you're Mickey!"

Today at lunch I had asked Rachel if she wanted to pray and that's hard because Malachi most definitely feels the need to be the only one to pray. So here's what she said...
"Jesus, thank you for food. thank you for Machi, Rachel, Daddy, Mommy. thank you for baby brother Isaiah. thank you for playing outside. I don't like this tuna melt. ....but I'm going to eat it. bless this food nourish our bodies. in Jesus Christ holy name. Amen."
HA HA! She is hilarious. And just so everyone knows...she ate the bread not the tuna!

Then of course after lunch Rachel had some energy before her nap to run off...so me being me...I began making up a song for her to dance to....amazingly I know my pregnancy brain is gone because I was able to come up with words pretty fast and she was having a blast. After about a 10 minute song I ran out of words so I grabbed my cell phone for her and Malachi to dance to the ringtones(they love them). So they are dancing/running around our coffee table and I am dying. Pretty soon I get the Funky song on which they know is Auntie Rachel's song and little Rachel is really gettin down as she goes around the table she yells at me..."LOUDER MOMMY, LOUDER!!" I was dying. She's awesome...and Malachi's robot moves were amazing..I hope to post those someday soon!

Tonight we met up with my sis and her two daughters, Avery and Madison at McAllisters for dinner because every night is kids eat free so we were absolutely the only ones in the restaurant...which is good because Malachi and Rachel and Avery were super hyper to see each other. And then it happened....a flying object in our corner window booth. At first Avery thought it was a butterfly and the kids were a bit mesmerized by it...and then they realized it was flying near them...it was a moth. A big one! And all the sudden the most high pitch scream came from little Rachel. It was right behind her. Four really loud screams later and a terrified little girl, Auntie Rachel stepped in and killed the nasty moth. I was laughing so loud I had to look away! Little Rachel, who is my fearless and brave, dirt doesn't bother me, little girl was so terrified! Poor girl. It just cracked me up. So...hopefully I will have more stories on her soon...I'm sure I will!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sweet little Rachel moment

I just had a sweet moment with Rachel...which happens a lot even though she is super fiesty! She'd gone to bed about two hours ago and all the sudden I heard her crying. So I ran up and found her with a tear soaked face and calling for me. So I held her in my arms and sat down just running my fingers through her crazy curly hair. She looked up at me in sobs with those big blue eyes...so I asked if she wanted me to sing to her. It always seemed to calm all three of my kids to sing to them, especially when they were little babies. So I began to sing "I love you Lord"...and when I'd gotten halfway through it the second time...she stopped me and said, "mommy, why you sing it again?" I said..."because I love that song."....silence...and then...she began..."twinkle twinkle little star..." which she absolutely loves to sing but she hasn't figured out how to end it...she just keeps going when she should finish....and then goes right into "ABCDEFG...." which she used to not know how to end because she'd get to the "now I know my ABCDEFG...." and so on! But she did finish and clapped for herself. She gave me huge kisses and hugs and I reminded her that God is bigger than anything and is watching over her. I told her I was always here but most of all Jesus was watching over her. And I prayed again. Never can do that too much to remind them of what I find comfort in. My Lord and Savior is always with me...always! Praise Jesus!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Big band aide's

So today as we left the second day of Vacation Bible School Malachi dropped his sunglasses on the floor. Of course in utter terror screaming to get them...he tried to lean forward out of his seat belt and I reminded him to stay buckled. He then tried to unbuckle himself and I jumped at him to buckle and tried again to explain that he could get really hurt. So he responded....like this...
Me: You need to stay buckled so you won't get hurt
Malachi: If we have a accident?
Me: Yes. You could get really big owies.
Malachi: I could just get two band aides and then it would be ok.
Me: Malachi, it would be a lot worse. You could be in the hospital. (Of course I am trying to be super serious because I don't want him, for any reason to unbuckle.)
Malachi: Oh......then I just get a real big band aide and I would be fixed....oh....OK mom!!

So what are big owies to 4 year old boys? Ones that need big band aides. So funny! It is also great that today's lesson at VBS was that God's word is comfort. Nothing like a good way to show them a real example of finding comfort...in any situation with God's Word! HA..love it.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I am coming back

I just thought I'd post a short note to let those who care know I will be back with some photo's soon. It's been a bit crazy the last month....not just in our house but also my sister's with their new baby girl, Madi, stopping breathing one night(she is absolutely fine...after a ride in the paramedics to the ER)...and our own little changes. But now that Malachi's preschool is over and summer is goin we're trying to enjoy the outdoors and the kids are hooked on the new swingset(a.k.a. "the park" which is what Malachi calls it) and my garden is growing great. Just a little late to start due to Isaiah joining our family at prime planting time. So...I will post a bunch of photo's for those of you who care...mostly Grampy and Nanny who live in Hungary and I know they check this and show everyone over there their grandbabies!! Love and miss them tons. So...please enjoy and be patient with me posting more...I am coming.

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