Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Older brother and sister enjoying little Isaiah

Isaiah Aaron Taylor born 3/20/2010

And yes....this is absolutely right after he came out!!

WELCOME Isaiah Aaron Taylor

So early...early Saturday morning we welcomed Isaiah Aaron Taylor to our family. And for those interested I will post the fast coming he had into our world. At 1 am I woke up with some painful contractions and waited a bit to wake Aaron to make sure it was real. At 1:30am woke him up and proceeded to try to call my sister to come over so we could leave our sleeping kids at home....well my sweet sis and left her cell downstairs so she never heard us call. Finally I was in too much pain and went down to the car...where I felt my water break and we had to leave. We loaded the kids up...and they were immediately wide awake..and LOUD! Got to the hospital and found out I was at 5cm dialated and contractions were coming hard....and the kids were sitting in the two seats across the room yelling and playing...and Rachel was sneaking my purse to eat mints...at 2am!! Praise Jesus our great friends in our bible study helped out and Chris showed up 20minutes in and took the kids back to our home to sleep. My doc showed up at 2:40 and said with my fast labors she wanted to check me and see....I was allready at 8!!!!!!! So she set up everything and by 3am...I was to 9 and 100% efface. So she helped me push away a small amount of cervex...and by 3:15 I was ready to push and after three pushes out he came at 3:19am!!!!! He weighed 7lbs 5oz and was 20.5 inches long! And to my surprise had a full head of dark hair!!!!!!!! HA HA HA! That's just what I was hoping for. Fun...so he's here and we are all enjoying him. The kids are doing amazing with him and loving on him too! Oh...and when we were getting ready to leave at 1:40am we'd called my folks in Grand Junction and they packed fast and got into their car and drove 5 hours here right when Chris was taking our kids to the hospital to drop them off...it was perfect!...so enjoy the pictures and the video.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sickness and Valentines day

For a full two and a half weeks our house was incredibly sick. Starting with Rachel and ending with her. It also put me at the doctors for an extra three hours/two IV's of fluids and a shot in the butt for a bladder infection...and then it passed to my sisters house...which we felt awful about. We've never seen our kids fall asleep anywhere in the house. They were beat!
And here comes Valentines day. We were on the mend and Malachi and Daddy just had fun giving gifts to mommy and Rachel. Aaron made sure to emphasize that that day is for mommy and Rachel only! So cute!

And the men!

Can't forget to photo the two men of the house (for now)...soon to be three. Of course enjoy Malachi dressing himself for school and had to wear a tie because daddy wears one.

And I love this one...Aaron needed shades while he worked on our french doors...gotta say my sunglasses look great on him!

Little girls, hair and nails!

Oh Rachel Eliana! She is so adventurous...and fearless...and GIRLY! HA! We have so much fun doing hair and then yesterday when Malachi went to school Rachel asked me what she was going to learn about today. I said "You'll be home with Mommy." And with that she responded, "I learn about princesses?" Of course we can do that! So she got to where her pretty princess press on nails, which were huge on her tiny finger nails. So fun and funny to see her instant change in how she touched things and didn't want to mess them up. What a doll.

Happy 31st Birthday to Mommy

So my birthday was great! It was so fun to see Malachi involved in making my cupcakes! So stinkin cute. And of course...turning 31...ummm not much of a big deal but I sure don't feel like I'm in my thirties!
And of course a sweet cookie from our bible study!

When will I just trust.....

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