Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Zuchinni from our garden

Isaiah is 4 months!!!

WOW! We've reached a great point in Isaiah's growth where every day he really is learning so many new things. And Malachi and Rachel are enjoying it too. He obviously can now roll...and is trying very hard to push himself foward to crawl. He also absolutely loves his rice cereal(just like his older brother did) but I think it's also that he gets to eat at the same time his brother and sister eat and that's exciting to him. He's working on sitting up but has shocked me by pulling himself up to stand when he's holding my hands...and stands a long time. And he is mastering the art of grabbing things and sticking them in his mouth! ugghh. So proud of our little man..and the video is hillarious...totally done with mommy video taping him.

Toddler without a nap

Yesterday when we had my sister over I decided that we'd just keep Malachi and Rachel up through the normal nap time and let them play outside with Avery while I gave my sis a hair cut. Normally...depending on the day...little Rachel will take a short nap but because she's getting a bit older she sometimes just sits in her bed and talks and sings so I thought for sure she'd be fine. Well...I needed some down time so I sent the two to their own rooms to play for about an hour while Isaiah was awake. Then I went to get them out and put Isaiah down while they took baths...yep...I flung her door open and this is what I found!!! My little princess crashed!!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Craft time in our house is only messy on one side...yep that's Rachel! We had fun painting some birdhouses yesterday and then hanging them with some birdseed in our front tree. (after Malachi broke Rachel's and his into many pieces...which took me an extra half our to super glue and make them look like ok houses! But it worked.) So here's our creations....

I did this one for Isaiah....as if he really cares?

We have watermelon's growin

Here is our first sign of watermelon...although super small we probably have 20 of them growing right now and more to come....ha ha! It will soon over take our garden and grass...hee hee...This is Malachi's finger pointing to his first melon.

Isaiah ROLLED!!!!

DUDE! Seriously...he's not even 4 months and just decided to roll...or really it's just the fact that he innhereted the big head that Malachi also had. If you lean one way you're done for!!! And over you go!!!! Best of all Aaron was home to see it and that was awesome. It's always been my prayer that Aaron would not miss out on any special moments with our kids and thus far...every major step has either been at home or even when we've visited him at work!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I adore what kids say

There is something special and wonderful about listening to how your kids think and learn. So Malachi has been stuck on this idea..."when I'm (this old...fill in age...usually 16 or 65) years old I can do...that! So I was putting away our Whirly Popper we use to make homemade caramel corn...and he said...
Malachi...."When I'm 16 I can use that silver thing. Right mommy?"
Me...."sure you can."
Rachel....."Mommy..when I'm a boy I can use it...right?"

HA HA! I almost lost it. And then about 5 minutes later out of the blue Malachi said..."Grandpa Bob is old." I looked at him and said "why do you say that?" Malachi..."because he's just old to do all kinds of things." HA! Random thoughts of an almost 5 year old.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Rachel singing to Isaiah in May

This is from May but I totally love this video. Our little singer Rachel loves to make up songs and mix them up! We could listen to it all day. And Isaiah sure likes his lullaby's! Of course Malachi has to get his two cents in and bug his sister...of course

First time on Watermelon Jam...gotta try again!

So here's a pic of the last of my beets before we roasted them...and ate them in a record 5 minutes! So sad that after roasting they aren't as pretty so I had to take a picture.
Malachi and I worked on a first try at Watermelon jam...yeh the recipe I'd had for about 9 years and never tried. Apparently it's from Taste of Home...and it did not set so....we will try again and post those pictures soon! Malachi was a great help and is still anxious to eat watermelon jam....he and Rachel also loved the beets....I love gardening! It's great for getting my kids to eat new veggies.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yummy...No sugar added blueberry jam!!!

So one thing I am a bit of a stickler about is sugar...which my munchkins have had only on special occassions...so here's how I save some serious money... fresh blueberry jam with honey for a sweetener...yum! Half the price of no sugar jams...and it's fresh!

Kids...growing too fast!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The garden today!!

So this morning I went out to show everyone what our garden is doing...and also a fun ..my discovery of a robin's nest! CRAZY! May need to get rid of it for bugs...but fun for the kids to see!

come, blackberries..come

yummy raspberries...comin in August

look at these strawberry plants!!!!

Some herbs...

Here's whats left of my beets!

I planted a garlic clove to keep ants away....and its growing!

Here's a sweet watermelon on its way

and the full picture of all my watermelon vines...

my watermelon is going to take over soon!!

A little basil and some big red tomato's coming!

Here is my Serrano peppers...and my companion plants...marigolds and petunias to help the peppers and tomato's!


My poor tomatillo plant has recovered from the late snow we had...but I am not sure we'll get any fruit from it.

And another companion for my tomato's and peppers and onions...a geranium...gorgeous pick from little Rachel. Of course it had to be pink!
Red hybrid corn...ummm we should have plenty!
And zuchinni squash which has taken over my blueberry bush which is hiding but not producing...and hidden in their is some sunflowers which will help the corn eventually!!

GIANT beets before I roasted them

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Outside and the start of our garden

This was over a month ago when we started our garden and these fun pic's of the kids just catch my heart! To the right here...if you look next to Malachi's hat is one Maple seed that he had figured how to spin in the air like helicopters!! So cute.

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