Sunday, March 8, 2009

Slumber party

Avery Joy got to stay the night over here last week while her mom and dad had a hot date in Denver. It was a blast. The kids were so sweet and fun and good...I thought that something was wrong...ha! So before bed we had a dance party....enjoy!

Malachi's alone time with daddy

By the title of this one you'd think it was some cute time alone for the two men of the house, but it's playing in the closet...just being cute!!!

Faces of Rachel Eliana

Rachel's spotlight

It is hard to get video of Rachel alone. So I'm sooooo glad I got this one of her new sounds and I really tried to get her "ribbit" because it's a very quiet growling gurgling ribbit!

Kids are great!

Rachel and Malachi love to play in our coat closet...and of course we keep our snow boots in their. That's pretty much all there is and the love to put them on. The funniest is Rachel trying to put on my tall black dressy snow boots....her legs aren't long enough to put them on. And then of course the kids have discovered climbing under the train table...and Malachi pulls Rachel out!!! Hillarious!

Rachel's cuteness in timeout!

With our little cute girl we actually have started time out's pretty young...well, any other form of discipline was a challenge to her not really upsetting enough to get her to stop. So...I learned from my mother'n'love that Aaron needed to be put in his room away from everyone so that he knew he was missing out. So, now both our munchkins are put away somewhere for time outs. Rachel was just soooo funny here...she loves the word "no". But this week she actually has learned and understands "yes" and nods her head with both answers. I'll have to get that one on tape too! Enjoy...

When will I just trust.....

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