Tuesday, July 3, 2012

J.A.M. you got to got to JAM!

This season is full. Full of sad times, busy times and some great memories made. One thing I truly enjoy is to cook. It is in my blood. My Mawmaw is an amazing cook who then taught my mom who inspired me to cook. All three of us...well I should say four because my sister is amazing too....cook different in many ways but the same in others. It is just the joy of creating. For me I find so much joy in finding new tastes and beautiful dishes. I also find joy in old fashioned cookin. This one all started when we had moved to Indianapolis. It was the first time ever I didn't have a job. I was 7 months pregnant in a new town/state and didn't know anyone. As many of you know I rarely can sit still. I need to be productive.....and this came to mind. Why not create delicious jellies and jams.. Not only is it super cost effective. It is a fun gift to give and a great way to make healthier options for my kiddos. So...can away. Here is this summers first bunch...and I am sure there will be more to come.

For me I wait until each fruit is in season and man they go super cheap...then I clear the shelves....ha ha ha...that was supposed to be an evil laugh but I'm not sure I can do that well.

 Batch one and two were all blackberry....blackberry preserve and blackberry jam

Then I decided to try a new recipe...took forever. You cook whole apples without the leaves on the bottom and the stem with whole chopped limes. Then when they cook down press them through a fine sieve....tiring! But pure applesauce....and the thickener for blueberry jam.

And then I dove into sweet cherry jam...man I could use a cherry pitter!!!

And last but absolutely not least is blueberry sauce. What I love about this is that it is so packed with berries and straight lemon that you truly taste blueberry and no sugar....so delicious...of course we have already enjoyed some on waffles. Big hit in this house!

When will I just trust.....

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