Friday, September 17, 2010

Our kids make us laugh...enjoy these videos!

I love that I've caught my kiddos on tape just being adorable!!! First enjoy Malachi feeding Isaiah...which has become a help and a MESS! But Isaiah loves it.

And then Rachel just kept brushing her hair and brushing it and I was trying to get on tape how she said..."I brushed all my self my hair mom". She's just cute!

And the best for last...Isaiah was done with his bath and Malachi was rinsing his hair with a bucket in the bath and I caught Isaiah cracking up watching him. SOOOOOOo fun and after watching it over and over we realize he laughs just like Malachi!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rachel turned 3...and had a great party!

When Rachel came out of her quiet time I had to film her face when she saw all the decorations! It was priceless...especially when she was excited to see a chair....that we'd moved for the party!!! So hillarious. She was so excited.

So here's the spread....the melon is from our garden...and the salsa is tomato's and serano's from the garden also!

Her gift from Daddy and Mommy was this Minnie costume and she loved it!!!

Malachi was thrilled when he got to hang with his cousins. He loves them a ton and got to enjoy some time with Nick on his bike...yes he is outgrowing it fast!
And of course Diane got her baby fix for sure with Isaiah in one arm and my sisters baby, Madison in the other.

We finally got to enjoy the bean bag(that looked like cheese triangles) toss into Minnie's mouth that we had for her party last year. We didn't get to use it or the pinata last year due to weather.

And for a bit Uncle Jason got some baby fix time too!

And the kids enjoyed the purse pinata...Rachel ended up pulling the right string!

And that night we had a special phone call set up...from the real Minnie Mouse and it was precious. We were so busy earlier that morning we missed the call so I hurried to reschedule it online and Minnie called just for Rachel and told her to enjoy her party...which she'd already had but that didn't matter to Rachel!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Noodle" is 3!!!!!!

September 7, 2007 she is!!!

And the noodle turns 1!!! 2008
And then she is 2!! 2009
So for breakfast she wanted blueberry muffins...lunch she wanted Taco Bell...and dinner she enjoyed banana waffles...I think my stomach may hurt!!
And for her day she was so happy to just hang with her best friend, her cousin Avery!
Of course she picked her outfit....every single piece is pink...yep. No surprise!

I like squash...really?

Rachel is one crazy character and we love it! She and Malachi absolutely enjoy making Isaiah laugh and they do the best at it! So enjoy her humor in this and of course there is never better timing then when you have the video running to try some veggies...she once loved....squash!

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