Saturday, October 5, 2013

Update, Wilderness Complete!

Just wanted to give some quick highlights of our recent Wilderness Trip through Catalina Island from last week!

*  We were a part of seeing 2 people repent from their sins and placing their faith in Jesus Christ and his death, burial and resurrection for eternal salvation! Yay!

*  11 people got baptized in the Pacific Ocean on the last day of our trip! Many of them never had anyone explain the importance of baptism, so this was a great moment to rejoice in.  One woman was battling with the choice and told me "I'm not sure if I want to die to my old self and put away the old me yet."  She was encouraged by many people and finally chose to get baptized.

*  While we were up there, on day 4, we found out that Caleb had gotten sick...he was taken to the Urgent Care clinic, the doctor saw the x-rays and said it was Pneumonia.  So then they took him to the hospital and they redid x-rays and said it was Bronchitis.  He was in the hospital for 2 nights (the longest he had been in since he was born).  This was SO hard for us to know that this was going on while we were away.  We wanted to be right there with him in the hospital, but were multiple hours away in the middle of an island.  We both felt this was a strengthening of our faith to fully rely on God that He had Caleb's health under control.  So we had to Trust in Him.  Isaiah 26:3 says "the steadfast of mind You will keep in perfect peace, because he trusts in You."  God is faithful and we came home to a little happy man!  We were encouraged by Psalm 115: 10-11 "O house of Aaron, trust in the LORD; He is their help and their shield.  You who fear (revere) the LORD, trust in the LORD; He is their help and their shield"

*  We met a couple that we have so enjoyed, we are looking to leading them through pre-marital counseling.

*  A really amazing moment for me (Aaron) was with a lady from my group.  We heard most of everyone's story and how they were raised, what they went through and how God has and is currently delivering them from struggles, addictions, tragedies in their life.  Some of the most horrific things you could think of have happened to one person or another at some point in their life.  One lady had never ever asked for help from a man.  All men had ever done to her was use her, abuse her, and treat her like a possession instead of a person.  On the 3rd day of the hike going up a seemingly forever mountain that never ended, I kept offering to take her pack and let me carry it.  She kept saying no.  Finally she was so exhausted that she could not continue and let go of her burden and allowed me to carry that pack for her and to bear her burden.  That night around the fire, she broke down and said that she had never in her life asked a man for help and that it was so humbling and hard for her to allow me to carry her burden for her.  She said she had given up on men until that day.  What a special moment.

Since we've been back from Wilderness:

*  Today we helped with a yard sale to raise funds for some of the students who still do not have enough money for tuition.  One man wanted prayer because he was fearful he would not make it to Heaven, Andrea shared Romans 10:9-11 with him and prayed with him.  Aaron spoke w/ Nora, a lady who asked why there was so much hatred in the world.  Aaron encouraged her that Christ has overcome this world and even though there is much hate, when we know Him, we can experience an amazing peace because of who He is.
*  Yesterday we went on our first outreach.  Aaron prayer walked with his Impact family while picking up trash in the most culturally diverse area of San Diego.  (over 30 different cultures in one neighborhood) We met 3 people, were able to share with one and also discovered a Buddhist feast where 40 or so people had gathered and spoke w/ a man in a wheelchair.  Andrea's Impact family went out last night on the trolleys and were able to share and pray with multiple people.
*  We have been trying to figure out school w/ the kids, Aaron is teaching them math in the morning for about 1 hr.  Andrea teaches them 2-3 subjects throughout the day.
*  We have been blessed with the opportunity to extend an empty room in our place to a woman who is saving up to go to Haiti for long term missions.  Now our home is a home of 7 instead of 6.  God placed the scripture on our hearts 1 John 3:17-18.

Please Pray for:

*  That Aaron would daily extend the patience of God's love to our kiddos.
*  That God would give Andrea wisdom in teaching our kids a school curriculum and strength to do this as well as being at Impact.
*  That God will provide financially for our Impact family members who are still raising funds for tuition.
*  That we will get government assistance for health insurance for our family. (interview is Monday)
*  Most importantly that we would see people come to Christ and grow in Him.

Thank you so much for taking this journey with us!  It means a great deal to Andrea and I!  We pray that you are experiencing the Peace of God through Christ Jesus our Lord.

Please email us how we can pray for you.

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