Friday, January 13, 2012

3 weeks old...smiles a lot!

So we are thrilled at his progress! He is now 4 lbs 11.4oz and last night he drank his whole feeding from a bottle!!! And in 15 minutes...big eater! He is progressing well with nursing and they are just impressed with are we! These pictures are great...and sometimes I forget when I look at the picture how tiny he still is. Yes, those are preemie diapers and they go way way way up his back just to make them fit. He also has been off the cafeine since Sunday and so we are now in the waiting usually takes a week for it to get out of your system and then we will see how his heart reacts and breathing. It is good to come to you with good news and more exciting to hopefully get weeks closer to him being home. We miss him daily. A lot. Lets just say the hospital has been wonderful to us but it is not home.

This is his wall...the kids did birthday cards after he was born and then we made a collage of pictures of the munchkins for him to see them. It will be so wonderful when they get to meet him.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Lord is so good! Caleb is doing great

It has been an amazing start to this new year. I am so grateful to our Savior, our Healer, our GOD! He has continued to watch over Caleb the past 19 days of his life and Caleb is doing fantastic. He now weighs in at 4lbs 7.4oz!!! He is growing about 1 1/2 ounces a day!! The nurses tell us he does really great every day. And they seem to all want to take him home with them...yeh, not going to happen! He is loved. And not just by those amazing nurses! He is still being fed through his nose to his stomach but for the last two visits we have started nursing and he is doing just fine. Taking it slowly since this little man really shouldn't be doing this yet.. he should be nestled inside my tummy! His brain function is doing great. He is still taking two doses of caffeine to keep his heart going if it stops...which happens at his gestation so it is good to know that that is helping him. Other than that he is just peaceful. And precious! Malachi is doing ok...been a tough time for him but the Lord has allowed Aaron this past week of vacation to be home and we both have been working on our time with our kids alone and it has helped them. Rachel...well she is doing wonderful! I know she excited to meet Caleb and prays for him daily. Isaiah is just great! He really has no clue and I'm pretty sure he's just glad we aren't in the hospital all day and we get play time a lot with him. So we are praying that by the end of January Caleb will be able to be off caffeine and Lord willing, be tested in a car seat to come home! He is just a doll and so wonderful to hold...and so hard to leave.

It was wonderful to be at church this morning and worship with my husband. God has been so good to us...always is and always will be. He has blessed us so much through this entire experience and we are grateful for the help we've received thus far and that is coming! It is humbling and growing for us! Thank you everyone!

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