Monday, October 29, 2012

10 months old!

Ahhh...sweet little joy. Caleb is officially 10 months old! It is so hard to believe that he is rounding the corner to one! He is doing great. I know I haven't updated much lately so I will now. He is growing great.  His core strength is getting better daily and almost fully crawling. He can sit up  now and is constantly sneaking in stealth mode around the floor to wherever he delights. His personality is blossoming. He adores his siblings and laughs at them and their silly faces. He's a great sleeper and eater and we are thrilled to see him learning daily and mumbling too! So...enjoy this cutie...he's even sweeter in person!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Disney World!!!

Finally...I am getting these up! We were super blessed to have won a trip for our family to Disney World...through Aaron's hard work in getting recruits last year for his company. So we decided to take the older two kiddos and let Auntie Rachel and Nanny and Grampy share the two little ones at home. It was an amazing time. It was full of great moments where we were in awe of our kids amazement and how it just came to life in their eyes. It was such a special trip.We found out that Rachel loves roller coasters and Malachi tries hard to be brave even if a ride freaked him out he said he loved it! We are grateful that God blessed us with this special trip!
Ok...we had a good time at Epcot and had to eat in England for Aaron's mum! The fish and chips were AMAZING!!!
And of course for our cutie..Isaiah...we had to visit all the NEMO stuff...he would have been a bit taken back by this fun huge Bruce!
We were planned out daily so we didn't have long lines at all...accept to get autographs and we ended up with about 20! SO awesome for kiddos!
Part of our treat this time was our meal plan we purchased. So we did our best to eat at fun restaurants! This one was amazing. The fish tank behind us was larger than the place and full of divers!
So day 3 we dressed the kiddos up. Typically it's a princess day that parents/grandparents drop hundreds on for their we packed up surprise costumes for the kids and did it for them. They loved it!!! So much fun!
Ahhh... Tink! Yep she was amazing!

And we had lunch with Pooh and friends

And of course with older kids we could enjoy some amazing fireworks!

And then...Animal Kingdom!

So here is a great shot of a pretty terrifying Dinosaur ride...pitch black and they are 3D coming at you!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

What do we look like...and our sweet 8 month old!

It's always hard for us to get a picture of us...ever. So Aaron took me out on a date...which also is hard for us to do with four kids. And his dad took us out in our fun landscaping project(which has taken all summer, but it's almost done!) We enjoyed an amazing dinner at a completely Fort Collins new restaurant...Restaurant 415. It was super modern, organic, gourmet and great ambiance.
 And finally....what does our sweet little guy look like. the midst of getting over a double ear infection he is smiling and laughing just like all our cute munchkins. He really is doing great. He is physically right on for a 6 month old and is hitting that point where something new happens daily. We are working on sitting up which is hard for him with weak arms and core. He is rolling everywhere and eating his toes. He is such a joy. From birth he has always been so calm and gentle and quiet unless he needs something desperately. He adores his siblings and Isaiah can't stop kissing him. He is wonderful!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

J.A.M. you got to got to JAM!

This season is full. Full of sad times, busy times and some great memories made. One thing I truly enjoy is to cook. It is in my blood. My Mawmaw is an amazing cook who then taught my mom who inspired me to cook. All three of us...well I should say four because my sister is amazing too....cook different in many ways but the same in others. It is just the joy of creating. For me I find so much joy in finding new tastes and beautiful dishes. I also find joy in old fashioned cookin. This one all started when we had moved to Indianapolis. It was the first time ever I didn't have a job. I was 7 months pregnant in a new town/state and didn't know anyone. As many of you know I rarely can sit still. I need to be productive.....and this came to mind. Why not create delicious jellies and jams.. Not only is it super cost effective. It is a fun gift to give and a great way to make healthier options for my kiddos. So...can away. Here is this summers first bunch...and I am sure there will be more to come.

For me I wait until each fruit is in season and man they go super cheap...then I clear the shelves....ha ha ha...that was supposed to be an evil laugh but I'm not sure I can do that well.

 Batch one and two were all blackberry....blackberry preserve and blackberry jam

Then I decided to try a new recipe...took forever. You cook whole apples without the leaves on the bottom and the stem with whole chopped limes. Then when they cook down press them through a fine sieve....tiring! But pure applesauce....and the thickener for blueberry jam.

And then I dove into sweet cherry I could use a cherry pitter!!!

And last but absolutely not least is blueberry sauce. What I love about this is that it is so packed with berries and straight lemon that you truly taste blueberry and no delicious...of course we have already enjoyed some on waffles. Big hit in this house!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

When it rains, it pours....really?

No pictures. No sweet stories of my kids. Today I need to write what is on my heart. So many things continue to weigh on my heart. BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
      As I started to write the title of this blog I knew exactly what many people would think. It will get better.....

    So a sweet couple from our church is begining the fight for cancer in their sweet 3 year old daughter, Esther. A wonderful friend who was a groomsman in our wedding lost his precious son to a terrible disease. Aaron's assistant manager's fiance was in a head on collision in which the other driver died and his 14 year old daughter. His 6 year old is doing ok at Childrens Hospital. Cassie is in the ICU with blood in her lungs, last we heard.....This is not fun to think on. I find myself wanting my four little ones to just enjoy silence for the day so I can gather my thoughts. My thoughts...really? I know that the world wants me to look at these things and say "It will get better. You will have better days." Things like that have been said to me ever since Caleb came into the world 9 weeks early. I have never spent much time really thinking on this idea but ever since December I really feel that the Lord has reminded me of one great thing. This world is fallen.


I cannot change that. It surely doesn't mean that every day is hard or terrible. It most deffinetely doesn't mean that I do not have joy or love or hope.  It means that I should absolutely never take for granted every moment I have to share with every person I know the love of my Savior. That's the only reason I can see and truly experience joy is because of my Savior who gave everything for me. I find that when I sieze those moments to share of His love with anyone or watch the gentle and sweet understanding my children have of their Savior I am filled with great joy.

So I find myself today reminded of the severity of this fallen world. I rejoice that Esther knows my Savior and her parentst rest in Him with truth laid before Him of their fears and anger at this disease. I pray fervantly for our friend who lost his sweet son. I pray for the deep deep desire for Jesus to burn again in him and heal his heart and his family. I pray for sweet Cassie and Adam...Jesus heal her body. Bring them to you. Let Aaron and I never ever be ashamed to speak of your love to them and please heal the other driver and his son.

I find shelter in You. I know You are real. I know You have saved me and desire to save all your children. May I be a light even with every flaw I have. Use me. Let me never waist time thinking "I can tell them later". If I feel as if telling others about truth is not important or embarassing....I need to check my own faith in the Word of God. the midst of so many prayer request and gathering my thoughts I recognize my need to speak. TRUTH. Please pray for these friends. And...well if I left you uncomfortable or with questions...ask. It's my it's my life.

"For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline." -2Timothy 1:7

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Baseball and mohawks...and bees before we started baseball season Malachi needed a cut...and it was my crazy idea to try something new...a MOHAWK! He was mostly stoked to try to look like a dinosaur...of course. So here it is pre-first game!

 We signed Malachi up for team baseball with the Fort Collins Baseball club and he is on the Liberty 2 team with a few of his being Parker...his buddy from church. I love that I captured this pic of the two of them hangin in the field waiting for an amazing fly ball...yeh that never happened.

 Ahh the many positions of 1st grade least this was the first game. Malachi has played first base and catcher and he's got a great arm. I also had to snap some shots of what the other munchkins did...and sweet Parker's sister, Grace played with Rachel. At the second game it was much hotter so it brought on some troubles....including bees. It was the last hitter and I saw the coach come running off the field with Malachi. He was playing short stop and all I saw was a look of terror. The coach said Malachi thought he'd been stung by a bee...yep. Right in the back of his neck. We got the stinger out with someones credit card and it only swelled a little. But we shall see how he feels at the next game when he has to stand in the field. Could be interesting considering that bee had to sting the one kid out of our four that is terrified of bugs. Seriously? Oh well...he will learn from it.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Here's Rachel's worship dance recital and practice!

Many people know about Rachel's dance performance...but for those who don't know our sweet girl got to dance and worship our Lord Jesus with the Creative Ministry of Arts class. That night was crazy. We were completely unaware as to how big this event was. She got to go to class weekly for 12 weeks and loved it. So that night we just showed up a little early to find a packed church! There were 172 dancers just in the Fort Collins group...apparently there are at least 2 other places in Colorado they teach/perform. She did awesome. The first video is dress rehearsal where I got the whole song on tape. Then Aaron tried to get the actual show on tape and our space on the video ran out....but enjoy!
Ok...that was's the performance

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