Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Harvest Day!

Our October 31st is just a day to celebrate Harvesting crops and the great thing is our church does a Harvest Carnival and it's a great outreach and free for everyone. It was fun..a bit crazy going alone with three kids and trying to make sure not to loose them when they can't hardly walk with costumes on! It was fun for them. Best part of the night was when Isaiah was sound asleep the door began to ring like crazy...yes our neighborhood is crazy that night...usually about 800 people but last night it died down early. I had the two older kiddos put the candy...mostly pencils... into each bag and they greeted everyone with cheers of "Happy Harvest". Aside from the funny look on faces when they got pencils...most kid gave it back!...they also were surprised at the greeting. It was fun and sweet and everyone that was older, which seems to shock me every year how many mom's dress up and ask for candy, loved the kids costumes. It was fun to see them eager to year maybe we'll be able to give tracks about Jesus. They would be thrilled to give the greatest gift of Christ to fun!
It was very difficult to get Isaiah to smile in the costume. Even though the cute horse outfit seemed like it wouldn't be too uncomfortable...he just didn't like it. Uggh..but he was adorable.
This cowgirl had to be adusted a bit. The front legs had to be safety pinned up so that Rachel could walk in this...and the face reigns were strapped around her neck so she didn't have to hold them all day. She loved it...Yeeehawww!

The racecar driver...better known as Lightening McQueen enjoyed running/racing around all day!

Here's at the carnival with their cousin, princess Avery with was chaos so getting a photo...well I didn't do well with Isaiah in my front carrier.

And the best part which I wish was longer was the huge blow up castle in the loby of the had a blast!!!!

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