Saturday, December 31, 2011

Finally an update

Ok...this has been an amazingly strange and difficult December. I will list what has happened...Caleb came...AWESOME! niece goes to ER with croup...then my parents are here for CHRISTmas and Mawmaw from TX is here too...and Mawmaw throws up 2 days after CHRISTmas. We are still at this point going to NICU two times a day to hold him skin to skin and try to nurse. Mawmaw gets better thru the night...then Aaron is sick for 8 hours on his day to be home with me and help while folks are out and about with my sis. Then, little Rachel throws up...not much. And here we go...last night little Rachel is struggling with a cough that brings up pain in her throat and makes her feel like she's going to throw up so we are taking her into a steamed bathroom then directly to the cold air outside...a few times in the middle of the night. And while I finally sit down yesterday to play trains with Isaiah he throws up and can't stop. My mom helps me to get things clean then my dad gets home and while he's helping is getting queezy...they leave to go back over to my sisters where they are sleeping and both are sick all night with diahrea!!! SO our night we got maybe 3 hours of sleep with Rachel struggling and Isaiah waking up starving and crying. So today while Aaron was working Rachel spiked a fever and I rushed her and Malachi to Urgent Care to make sure we didn't have croup or whooping cough and praise Jesus they do not. Little Rachel got a steroid treatment to help calm her down and we are working on the fever. Malachi...just Mucinex and he'll be fine. Isaiah...recovering and keeping his food folks resting at my sisters house all day....Mawmaw, well...lets say this vacation for her has deffinetely been full. And Aaron is doing good at

......weeewhh! I am more tired than I have ever been. We felt it was important that I not go last night or this morning to Caleb because our 3 at home needed me badly. I was super sad and miss him terribly and have lost it a few times when I can't seem to manage the three being sick. But I am reminded...the Lord has never ever left me. He has never put me in anything that He cannot get me through. He has blessed me abundantly and I will not let anything at all make me not praise Him. A few days ago on my way to see Caleb I had the radio on and rarely do I get to listen to it since usually Veggie Tales is playing every single time I am in the I heard this song. It reminded me that I am broken in the greatest of ways. I am humbled in my struggle to not be in control of taking care of my family and I am blessed in it. Holidays...schmolidays...ha! It is just a time that's it. There will be others. And quite frankly I really seem to have been blessed with something greater than a oober present filled and laughter full holiday. I have two of the most wonderful things I really needed right now. I have Caleb. And I am back in a place where I am before my Savior more daily than I have been in a long long time. And I love it, even if it seems I should be upset that all these things happened to put me there...I LOVE IT. Here are the lyrics to the song...and some amazing pictures my sister took on Dec. 26th and 28th , I think...

I was sure by now God.
You would have reached down
And wiped our tears away
Stepped in and saved the day
But once again, I say "Amen",
and it's still raining
As the thunder rolls
I barely hear Your whisper through the rain
"I'm with you"
And as Your mercy falls
I raise my hands and praise the God who gives
And takes away

[Chorus:]And I'll praise You in this storm
And I will lift my hands
For You are who You are
No matter where I am
And every tear I've cried
You hold in Your hand
You never left my side
And though my heart is torn
I will praise You in this storm

I remember whenI stumbled in the wind
You heard my cry to you
And you raised me up again
My strength is almost gone
How can I carry on

If I can't find You

But as the thunder rolls

I barely hear You whisper through the rain

"I'm with you"

And as Your mercy falls

I raise my hands and praise the God who gives

And takes away

[Chorus]I lift my eyes unto the hills

Where does my help come from?

My help comes from the Lord

The Maker of Heaven and Earth


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Caleb Anthony Taylor

Wheewww! What a CHRISTmas we have had. I know many of you all know about our surpise gift of delivering Caleb almost 9 weeks early on Dec. 22. But I also know that there are many details we just have been too overwhelmed with this to share. So here goes.

This journey has been amazing. It is as if the Lord just said "I want to show you more of me. More of why so many things and people are in your lives. Remember...I am the one writing this story and I have always had something greater than you know planned." No kidding! The minute that the doctor said I was dialated to 6 we looked at each other and a flood of crying came...and came...and came. And then thru the tears Aaron's first words were..."Do you like Caleb Anthony?" Yep, we had not fully decided on his name and this was our top pic for a while we just couldn't hammer it down. Absolutely is his name= "COURAGEOUS". When the time came for the last few hours of real hard contractions this time, it was very different for me. I'd had hard labor 3 times...which went much faster...but this time the end result was scary. So, with every hard contraction I shut my eyes and prayed for him. I almost felt a sense of serenity in those moments. I was able to think on scripture and to pray specifics for my son who was coming. It was amazing. And, for those wondering if labor was much easier or less painful because he was little, it was not. I had hard contractions off and on as they tried to stop them for about 14 hours...compared to 2 the last time this was much different. So, anyway....when our sweet boy entered the room it was awesome. My first response was, wow look at that hair!! He cried instantly. It was awesome. Best sound ever! I was able to hold him briefly before he was taken to the NICU and then our room fell silent. It was amazingly intense and quiet at the same time. These past few days we have been so amazed and in awe of our Maker. We are blessed to already know 3 women who work in the NICU which has given us such a peace to know he is not only watched for 24 hours but prayed over by these women. It has amazed me to see how the knowledge I got from college course on specific needs of preemies and from many of our friends who have had them has just given me peace in moments where every 5 minutes we have a new doc/specialist coming to talk to us.

It is overwhelming. I have many moments were I miss him deeply. I was not ready to not feel him anymore inside me. I was not ready to not be least I thought I wasn't. The Lord has been amazing in his ways of bringing guidance, strength, encouragement, peace and rest in this. Well I can keep going. This journey will continue for some time and I will do my best to update you all. But as you know, we have 3 other munchkins who need us and the balancing act has really gone smooth so far but will continue to change as Caleb changes. Enjoy some film and sweet pictures we got today and yesterday.

This is called hand swaddling. It is wonderful for us to touch him but also with preemies rubbing them isn't good. It is really startling so putting slight pressure on their feet and head it is like being in my tummy and he really likes that!

This was yesterday. It was the first time we got to really see his nose and mouth. They had just taken off his CPAP breathing machine so he had the smaller hose and it didn't cover so much of him. AND HIS FACE! YEHHHH! We were so excited to see his whole face. This was during a "Carings" for him where we changed his diaper, took his tempurature and they gave him some of my milk through the white tube in his nose. It was so special and so sweet. He opened his eyes and was so unbelievably calm. And today we made it in to do his "Carrings" and found out we were going to be able to hold him for the first time! HOW AWESOME! We did what is called kangarooing. It's amazing for him. It can encourage so many things for him. The skin to skin helps his temp and his heartrate so much. We both held him for 30 minutes and it was sweet. He was so peaceful. For me he just sucked his pacifier which is so awesome for him to work on sucking and he slept so peacefully. His oxygen level was 100% the whole time...he was happy!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Another fun cake...

Added two more pictures of it set up!!

So just a few days ago Danelle let me know we had been asked to make a cake...and get paid for it! WHAT? Well...we made our first Topsy Turvy three tiered cake for Bare Escentuals adn their customer service company, Center Partners as they celebrated 4 years of working together. I would have to say that physically working on this 8 hours straight yesterday till midnight was not our plan but with 5 kids super little between us that would have to do! So here are some is not complete because their is a funky chocolate 4 that was put on top and an awesome white chocolate plack with their logo's drawn on it.( just so you know Aaron stepped in and did the logo's on the chocolate and the awesome logo on the powder lid!!) It turned out wonderful...and the homemade sponge cake tasted great! Yeh...we got to sample because we shaved a lot of cake in shaping it! Also notice the great detail inside the powder case...holes and powder...Danelle also dumped a small pile when she set it up next to the case...there is dust on the brush tips too! It was cool and super we need to come up with some business cards because people were asking!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Malachi's 6 years old!! CRAZY

Today seems a bit crazy to us! It is so awesome to think back over the past 6 years and 10 months that we knew we were becoming parents and then being them! Malachi David has blessed us so much over these years. Even with the challenges that come with certain ages and stages he is an amazing son. We love his boldness and his passion. He was given the name, Malachi, because of what it means;"Messenger of God." And we have prayed that over him and believed God will use him and already has. He has grown into a very bright and shockingly pretty giving little man. He is pretty organized for his age...sometimes I think he throws things in the middle of the floor just to be like his sister! We are proud and excited for his three little sibling's to learn from him. Even though now they learn some of the bad things Malachi is growing through...they also have seen and will see him change those behaviors for the glory of our Lord. He has an amazing understanding of God's gift of Jesus and also the stories of the Word have really become real to him and a part of him. He is such a wonderful young man...and we love him. Today we celebrate Malachi!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

6 months belly

Well...with this being our 4th I am trying very hard to make sure things are up to date and "equal" to the things I did for each baby. he is! He is a mover! It has been so fun sharing the excitement with the other kids and having them hear his heart at the doctors. The older two have loved feeling him kick so that has been real fun. I will do my best to keep everyone posted!

Ahhh...Pumpkin patch again!! Yippee the pumpkin patch! This has been a fantastic family tradition for us and every year it gets better and better. Wandering the farm...hay maze...petting zoo and watching them launch pumpkins is all free. So we just love to let the kids wander and search for pumpkins. Isaiah really loved it too!

It all began pretty peaceful...ha ha ha...just kidding. He really just wanted out!

It was heavy but Malachi is super strong!

And...Isaiah is getting smashed...he wasn't in there much longer!

So while the older kids and dad are way up on top of this hay stack watching the launched pumpkins...Isaiah figured he would try to pull the wagon......

Maybe pushing is easier?

It was gorgeous... and baby #4 enjoyed it too!

Had to capture his cuteness...except I missed the ear pulling...this will have to end soon.

And we found a pumpkin for the baby and one green striped one for Isaiah!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Another cake...

Ok...this cake was really completed by Danelle...our great friend. She did ask if I could help with ideas and making the tiger lilies. Mind you...we've never worked at all with gumpaste...or made these kinds of flowers so these pictures are from the two full days we took to make them the week of the wedding. The other days...not worth taking pictures!!

So in this one...thes are the plain petals pre-painted or dusted with color. We did each petal the day before individually crafted then left in their curved shape for 24 hours before we put them together and began to paint.
Danelle did all the ivy and here she is steaming them after she dusted them with the darker green. the flowers.

These are just with the dots and no dusting or steam yet.

And these are them...after dusting with colors and steaming!

And...sad I didn't get to be involved at all in making the yummy cake or deliverying it or designing..but Danelle did AMAZING. She also was the maid of honor so she was a bit busy and tired after. She said tons of people tried to smell the flowers and some said they would pay us to make another cake!!!! I HOPE!

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