Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Painting garden stones

We enjoyed this morning by painting some garden stones tha the kids helped mix and make....fun craft I found in the awesome $1 section at Target. Should be fun to add to their own section of the garden, once we get more soil added and plant some seeds! Yeh for summer coming.Yes....I did this one...silly!

New pictures of Isaiah!!!

Allright...here's some photo's of Isaiah since he's come home....and hopefully in order!
Here is Grandpa Bob! We were so blessed to have them stay for 2 weeks...it was awesome!
And Grandma after Isaiah's bath...he's really enjoying the water.

Here's Grampy and Isaiah...he and Nanny are here from Hungary visiting for a month! Wish it was even longer. They are so great!

Malachi really wanted to sleep next to him!!! So stinkin cute the two boys!
Here's Nanny enjoying Isaiah as he's found his thumb!

And this is this morning...lovin the hair!

When will I just trust.....

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