Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Just for Avery Joy

So we just wanted to show off our food faces! I'm anxious for more since Rachel Eliana is so squirmy and wants to do what big bro is doing. And of course, one good picture of Malachi eating nicely like a big boy! I just can't believe how long that little heart stuck to Rachel's cheek!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Lunchtime giggles


HE IS RISEN.....HE IS RISEN INDEED! That is why I am standing where I am today, with my amazing husband and two beautiful kids. Jesus paid the price for me...He died for all of my mistakes, all of my wrongs, all of my sins. And he was faultless and knew He was dying for someone who would choose to hurt Him over and over, yet He is the only way to bridge the gap between me and God. I can't do it. Ever. So He came, He bled and died for me, and best of all He rose from death to be seated next to God so that the cross He died on would be my bridge toward God. My sins are washed away and I now can live a life guided by my Savior, filled with His unconditional...and let me repeat that...UNCONDITIONAL love. And what's best about this I will see Him again!!!! HE IS RISEN!!!! HE IS RISEN INDEED!!!!

Kids will be kids

Every morning when Malachi wakes up his routine is to hand over his blankets, stand up and ask for every animal he can carry from his chest of drawers. And of course then we have to pick him up with all the animals in hand...yep every morning!
This is our new tent...just so fun to remember doing these kinds of things when I was a kid and he loves it!
And at some points Malachi is great at letting Rachel play with his toys but most of the time he takes everything...EVERYTHING away from Rachel!

Daddy was out of town...

So Aaron had to go to Rockford, IL the week before last and we took some fun pictures of the kids and it wasn't much different for them those days because they're usually in bed when he comes home and only see him briefly in the morning before work but it was more of a lonely time for me without him...I'm sure most of you know it's never easy to be without your love. So we're so glad he's especially.

Praise the Lord for this little baby!

I'm so sorry I haven't posted this sooner but what better time to give God glory than around the celebration of His resurrection! One of God's blessings in our lives has been the great relationship we've had with Anthony and Ky from Billings, MT. Anthony was Aaron's store manager when he was an assistant there and it seems that ever since we moved we've actually grown even closer to them over the phone. The reason that we celebrate in this little girl is that they had many struggles trying to have a child and when they weren't really trying, God ya go!! And now they have precious Annelise!! We love Uncle Anthony and Auntie Ky and rejoice in this little girl. We know the Lord is working in their lives and we're so happy to be a part of it. Praise Jesus with us for this baby girl and these wonderful people.

Our friends!

In our journey we are always so blessed to meet great friends in every state we've lived in and to our surprise we've stayed in Michigan much longer than we'd hoped or planned and God has blessed us with a number of wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ to fellowship with and raise our families with. There is and will always be great reasons why we're in the places we are for however long God wants us to be. The past two years in MI I've been blessed by my MOPS groups and our couples Bible study has blessed Aaron and I both. So here are some pictures of some of the people we call our family while we live so far from Colorado!
Here is precious Jack Griggs and Rachel....possible future couple??? His dad and mom are Jeff & Samantha from our Bible study.

This is my great friend from MOPS, Michelle and her youngest Danan

And this is Michelle's daughter Avery, whom Malachi seems to adore!

Here are all of us wives from our Bible study...from left to right Ronelle, Becky, me, Samantha(who's married to Jeff and is Jack's mom...but I don't have a pic of Jeff yet!) and Lori

And here's Lori playing with Malachi on a great relaxing Saturday morning!!!

This is Becky and her other half, Brad from our Bible study

From left to right, Brad, Josh(married to Lori), Jodi (married to Ronelle), and Aaron...married to????just kidding!

And here again are Ronelle, Becky and Lori

Friday, March 14, 2008

I love their smiles

Well, it's quite obvious that we love to take photos of our children and talk about how cute they are. Yet it is still so amazing to me that the Lord Jesus, God's son, was loved so much by his mother and father and Father in heaven and was willing to die for me...absolutely amazing. It would be the hardest thing for me to allow my child to die for people who hate him or
hurt him daily by the things they say and do. Yet the Lord did that for me!!!! And then went on to forgive me of SOOOOOOOOOO many things and allows me to be with Him for eternity. SOOOO stinkin cool!

It's tummy time and of course potty time!!!!

Rachel loves to be on her tummy because it gives her the best view of what her bro is doing. It's hillarious. When she was 5 months old and mastered rolling from back to belly she doesn't stay on her back at all!! And of course...we're potty training and the pic's are just too cute!

He may not like these!!!

Malachi will probably kill me one day for these I figure now is the best time to show the world his love for shoes...he's loved to play with anyones shoes and wear them ever since he was 10 months old. Cutie pie!!

When will I just trust.....

Seasons. Transitions. Flexibility. Adaptability. These words have been our lives for the past 5 years.  Has it become our normal? In some ...