Monday, November 30, 2009

He is an amazing ALWAYS!

So I begin this story by referencing what happened almost exactly one year ago. I'm not sure if I posted much about it but I will refresh every one's memory. On Dec. 14, 2008 we were rushing out the door with Aaron's parents and the kids to church. In the rush I placed my bible and notebook on the roof as I buckled Rachel in the car and hopped in. Needless to say the bible and notebook fell off on our way to church across town. I knew it once we got to church but I decided to wait till after church to search for it. After all it's in a huge purse like leather case and even though a foot of snow was on the ground I figured I'd find it. Three days of driving that road...and a few more times the next month nothing! I felt heartbroken. The's that story.
   When I was 11 years old I had a pink old Bible my parents had given to me with my name on the outside and I remember sitting before the Lord and basically asking for a sign from Him. I asked that when the man the Lord had promised and created for me to marry came that he would give me a new bible the day he proposed with my name and his last name on it. Pretty specific request of the Lord but I really didn't want to marry someone that the Lord hadn't intended for me to marry and I know my God is greater than this simple request. That request and prayer was kept as a very deep secret that only about three close friends of mine knew about. When Aaron and I began to date I felt the Lord clearly showing me that he was the one....we shared so many convictions and so many of our choices were just laid before the Lord I knew he was the one. So...the night Aaron proposed to me he took me to the chapel at CSU on campus; mind you I lived in Grand Junction at the time and Aaron was still in school at Western he set this whole thing up with friends of mine from college. On the outside of the chapel were white sheets covering the walls of the pergola and red ribbon rose petals all over the ground surrounded with little tea light candles lit...and in the middle a pedestal with a bible on it and a red rose in the middle with pictures of him and I placed around the bible. We had never said "I love you" or given red roses to each other because we wanted to protect each others hearts until we were engaged...we waited to kiss till our wedding day and matter how hard that was it was WORTH IT!!  So I walked up to the bible and he asked..."do you know what that is?" I said simply, "A bible".....he said look at it. I picked it up seeing the rose, the bookmark that for the first time said the word Love on it and the verses in Ephesians marked about marriage...and I closed it and saw my first name and a space for his last name to be put when we got married!!! I just stood in shock...turned and he was on his knee. Told me he loved me and wanted me to marry him. ABSOLUTELY! Of course my next questions were how did he know about the bible. He just saw my tattered old pink one and knew I needed a new one. GOD IS back to my story....
    That bible was gone. I posted on Craigslist for about six or seven months and just prayed that it hadn't been shoveled into garbage piles or picked up and thrown away. I began to pray immediately that the person who found it would read it. Whether they needed it or not I prayed that the Lord would use it. I hurt for my loss but realized too that I hadn't been devoted to His Word as I should be and still know I need to be even more every day. So last week the day after Thanksgiving I checked my email...and I received something that amazed me...and hopefully you too...

Hello Aaron & Andrea
God is Good! In December of 2008 my wife and I saw what we thought was a purse laying in the road in the snow. So we stopped and picked it up. Well it turned out to be a bible and journal. My wife tried for a couple of months to get a hold of the church in Michigan but they never got back to her. Since then we have both said a few times we need to try to find them so we can return it. Well last week God had me up very early in the morning. While I was going through something in his word I remembered your bible witch I thought was a different version. (I have several different versions) Well it was and I spent the rest of the time in there. You mark and date things and I do the same thing. Things you had marked spoke to me. Right now my wife and I are seeking direction. We recently left a church and working with a ministry. God moved us from Wisconsin in 2005. We go to REZ at the moment but we are waiting to see if we should stay there or go somewhere else. We love the church but its to easy to stay uninvolved at a large church. Anyway, I came across a marriage announcement of a Brian and Rachel. That enabled me to find you. We thought you lived in Fort Collins. We were slow at work yesterday so I was searching on line for you. When I googled "Aaron & Andrea Grand Junction Colorado" I came across your blog. So with all that said please call us at (970)556-6256. I can be reached anytime between 6:00AM and 9:00PM.( I get up very early. Usually 4:00-4:30 somewhere.) Oh yeah one more thing. I thought this was cool. Your daughter and I share the same birthday. Of course mine was 39 years earlier. God Bless You. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. God works in such cool ways. Its amazing.

Do I need to say anything??? Nope. I have contacted Jeff and he will come by on Wednesday with my bible and notebook. It so happens that my bible fell off in front of the church they were going to at the time....right in front of JAX sporting store down the road from my house. I am blessed and really don't expect and didn't expect this much to happen for him and for me since loosing my bible. So I of course will update you if anything else happens but I think this is enough and should be enough to show how great our Lord Jesus is...PRAISE HIM!!! 

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Woohooo having another BOY!

So here's our 21 week ultrasound...would have shown the action ultrasound but...our boy was NOT SHY! And I don't want to embarrass him before he's even entered this crazy world. So we are thrilled and really happy with this little boy. He is super healthy and as usual measures a few days bigger than my due date! The kids were with us and really mostly excited about hearing the heartbeat! Ha! So now comes the challenge of picking a name and the first votes from Malachi and Rachel are; from Malachi -"Tiger"...and Rachel - "Rachel"..ha ha! Love it!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A sled, A hill...and bitter cold wind

And away we the car, bundled up and ready to hit the hills at Epic went ice block sleding in college. It was insanly busy and unbelievably cold...but to our surprise Malachi ended up being the star...and taking the round sled and going down the big hill all alone!!!

Sweet Shanole, AJ and Sydney joined us and then were freezing so they left quickly!

We tried to find a hill with less wind but it was too fluffy snow for Aaron so his pants were soaked!!

And Avery...ha..we love you just aren't ready for wind or snow!And Rachel, aka miss independent, began walking up the hill alone and making snowballs to carry!Finally my sis just grabbed Avery and took her down...and it seemed she actually liked it!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Going to the pumpkin patch

So here's our fun adventure to the pumpkin patch with cousin Avery and Auntie Rachel and Uncle Brian. Fun family tradition just gets more fun every year.
This is me showing off my handsome and slim husband who has lost 52 lbs!! He is so stinkin hot...always has been but I just want to say it again and show off his accomplishment.Here's precious cute and very unsure of what to do!

Friday, October 23, 2009

First hair cut

So fun...but hard to see the change from her crazy curls! She does have shorter bangs and about an inch off the back...she did great. It was super fun because it was a family hair cut day...except for me. But that's ok...
The final product...ha hillarious girl!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rachel's 2nd birthday!!!

So I'm finally posting pictures from Rachel's birthday party...on September 12th. Sorry! It was a wonderful day and weekend. My parents came over from Grand Junction and my mom was a huge help with food and helping me with the cake. So fun! Here's Rachel early that morning when daddy took her to see her biggest gift...a new play kitchen that I got used and spiffed it up with paint and new stove fun!And here's breakfast time...she has no idea that his whole day was about her! She's so used to Malachi trying to take the attention was great to watch her with everyone there for her.And her special outfit for the day with minnie mouse, fake plastic dress shoes, a ring and her new minnie fun. She loves dress up.So here's the beginning of the spread of food and the cake. It turned out allright. I am a bit of a perfectionist so I see too many things I wanted to look different, but my mom was a huge help on dying the fondant and helping me with bows and such! So fun to work with her.Yep...that's a look of...I want some of those cupcakes now!!!! And the party begins...we had 44 people including 22 kids in our house! Downstairs we had a coloring table set up for the kids to color and watch a Mickey Mouse episode too.What you can't see here is the 40 people behind the camera singing to her. It was packed! It was too cold outside to let the kids play so we didn't get to do any games we had made..a.k.a. Pin the tail...and bean bag toss(feed minnie cheese) or the Pinata!!! Next year I guess. Her face when everyone sang was precious. She realised this was for her. So sweet.And she was so blessed by everyone that came. So many fun gifts that were perfect for her. And all the kids of course wanted to help least her cousin Cora and Nick were on the prowl protecting there little cousin this is the next morning when she got to actually try some of the gifts out and open the gifts Aaron and I forgot we'd wrapped in the basement from us and Nanny and Grampy and Auntie Ky and Uncle Tony...opps!And yes...Malachi still thinks all of them are for him!I also want to add here...for those of you who don't know let me show off my hot husband who's lost almost 50lbs!!!! He is so stinkin healthy and good lookin...not like he wasn't before but man he's HOT!!! I will try to post more pics of him soon!

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