Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Making this move get going!!!

     So you would think we didn't have much to get rid of, knowing that when we sold our house in Colorado we had 4 HUGE yard sales and so so so much sold on craigslist. Nope...we have plenty to sell. And so to move forward toward our move to Jeremie we are doing our first yard sale here. We have had a few yard sales here to raise funds for our short term trip to Haiti with the team then. So we are becoming yard sale pros! That's right! Ha...But truthfully the crazy part is that it's January and warm enough to do a yard sale. Cracks me up. Of course, as I write this outside our little place in San Diego it's the coldest it's been in a long time. Cold enough to have frost on the ground at 7pm!! There's snow 45minutes away from us right now. And to top it off my weather app on the phone even said that at midnight last night we could've had snow...which leads to another fun story....
    So the kids saw that my phone said it might snow. Whenever  we talk about snow the kids get super excited, especially Isaiah! So with his love for snow he started talking about what it would be like if it snowed in Haiti. So we, Aaron and I, responded that if it snows in Haiti Jesus is coming back! And of course Isaiah's eyes became a mile wide with excitement. And of course yesterday that excitement came back and flurried through our house as if it were snowing for real! The kids went to bed at normal time and around 11pm Rachel came scurrying out of her room a bit groggy. She was doing a little jiggle so we figured she needed to make it to the potty quickly. She was super out of it, which is pretty normal for her. She sleeps heavy! So once she actually came to I asked if she was ok. She then responded, "If it snows tonight, is Jesus really coming?" WOW! I giggled with her in her sweet tender excitement! It blessed my heart so much that her excitement to see her Savior kept her up in the night wondering if the snow would bring Him here. And she didn't want to miss Him! Her hunger for the Word is growing daily and her questions are deep and sincere. It is such a gift to watch her understand Who created here and want to get to know Him. And if I had any idea that He might show up in the middle of the night because of crazy unexpected snow...I might keep myself up in excitement too!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Beginning again...for real!

Running. There is nothing greater than taking the last few steps of a long race that you have ran and know that it is finished. Right? It feels so wonderful to be at the point where you know you have accomplished a goal, even if it wasn't perfect or you didn't finish in your best time. You finished! 

...I have not finished the race. Let me rephrase that. We have not finished! On June 21, 1986 I began the race of walking the amazing and challenging journey with Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of my life. Aaron began his race September 2000; Malachi April 4, 2009 and Rachel Eliana October 21, 2013,,,prayerful that Isaiah and Caleb will soon begin the race too! The Taylor family has begun a few times to really pick up the pace and take huge leads in the race. By lead, I mean.,,actually furthering the gospel of Jesus Christ by TELLING others about JESUS! Plain and simple. Obeying the command to "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit,"-Matthew 28:19.
        If I would have known at 7 that the race would include; pain, loss of people I love, letting go of things "I" thought were important, goals "I" had set, dying to self and becoming lukewarm...ugh I would have wanted to find a shortcut. Yet through the years of these different race tracks I am learning that God has given me many testimonies. And more than that, I have experienced Him in profound ways that I would not have had, had  I taken a different, easier path.(Which of course would not end with seeing His awesomeness at the finish line) And do you know what's even cooler than this? I AM NOT DONE! I am so blessed to have watched many amazing people of wise ages step into Impact 195; either as students or as missions overseers. In many cultures they should be done...retire or even have a sense that they have arrived in their knowledge of the Lord. Yet the Holy Spirit grabbed them and said, "there is more...don't miss this" Man it brings me joy to see people not stop sharing the Love of Jesus wherever they are. I pray that I too will burn with passion for my Savior as I grow and never, ever stop sharing His truth. It's not about me and my comfort. It's about that one person who may sit next to me on a bus who has lost their spouse or their son and has no hope. It's about the person who helped check me out at the grocery store who goes home and wants to end their life with no hope. It's about the little girl living two doors down who watched both her parents get thrown in prison and has no one to give her hope.
        Why do I turn my life's decisions into "me" focused ones? Every 10 seconds two people die. Yep. That's crazy to me. It's reality. My mind begins to wonder and think up ways to physically take care of those needs or a cure for "that" sickness. It is just a temporary fix. When I began this race I began with the ultimate cure and I carry it in my heart. It's not just for me. That's not why He saved me. It was never meant for us to take and hide...ever. It was meant to pour out of us. Overflow with Him! We get caught up in small talk and worry about offense but that persons life is at stake...SERIOUSLY! Do I get it?Do you? 
   And so the Taylor's continue to run the race as we sell practically everything and move to Jeremie, Haiti...I am really excited. I will be honest that the past six months of knowing we would be moving to Haiti have been incredibly hard. Lots has gone on in our home and around us that has been difficult yet God is so good. Always and has never left us. I am now committed to blogging what is going on in this journey. My hope is to lay out the facts...sometimes all we get are the super hard stories or the amazing miracles(mostly the miracles) of missionaries. But for will be hopefully just honest and amazing too, because frankly, if we get to have another day that is God's grace which is miraculous! We love you all...thank you for praying for us and please keep on!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wow! God is doing a great work!

Hello friends and family! I am trying to get back into the habit of posting on here and filling you all in on this great adventure we are please keep coming back and checking in on us!

    So, you all know that we are pressing in to the Lord and preparing to move to Jeremie, Haiti! This adventure is so much greater than we could imagine, and harder! In the last three months of praying and picking a team and trying to step into lifting them up, we have for sure been challenged, and so have they! As I had announced in my last post about the people on our team, God was doing a work we didn't really know about and last week four of our team members stepped out of the team:( Those three days for sure rocked Aaron and I. It was not at all so much that we felt the mission wouldn't be accomplished or that we had to have that many people. It was that they are family and as part of this team we had really focused on the family side of preparation and our hearts did hurt. And in those moments God spoke very clearly, especially to me about areas of me that needed to be fully surrendered.
   It was almost as if He kept leaning in and whispering, "Trust me." And I have heard these words my entire life and would probably say boldly that I do....but really part of me hadn't really trusted Him and understood that when He says "I will never leave you, nor forsake you." That even when I am confused by what is happening around me and my circumstances seem like such a mess that He is always good and not surprised in any way by what is happening. He is "I Am." There is not a part of Him that desires to mislead me in any way. He has no evil or harmful ways. His love is perfect. Praise Him! In those moments I really am learning that just saying "yes" to go is where I find the greatest, most intimate moments with my Savior. I may have crazy circumstances but His peace is always available if I am seeking Him and pursuing a right relationship with Him. I am so grateful to be on this journey. He is teaching more about Him and His love and His design of me. WOW! Seriously...I deserve non of that. He is amazing. I can do nothing to earn His love. He gives it completely free.
   I am so glad to be on this journey with my amazing servant leader, Aaron. It is so so so good to be in a place that when it's hard we both know the only way to find rest and clarity is prayer and listening! It is so good to have Aaron wash me with the Word and encourage me and push me closer to the Lord!  So...all of that to say where are we now? Well, praying!
      We definitely have evaluated some of our choices in how we lead our team and things we can improve on. Most of all we are praying more and seeking to reach out for prayer more! This Saturday we will have a vision casting night to finalize our Sending Team, which includes a prayer team. We absolutely need prayer every day and sometimes we don't reach out out of pride or feeling like we'd burden others...THAT IS A LIE! God has and is teaching us so much about the power of the body functioning as the body. So if you ever think of us at any point in your day...please pray?? God is so faithful and not only would that help us but it would grow your relationship with Him! How awesome!
   We love you all so much. Thank you for joining us in this. Please send comments on here, Facebook or email/text for prayer! We'd love to lift you all up specifically!

Friday, October 10, 2014

BIG NEWS for the Taylors

Hello friends and family! So much has gone on this past year here in San Diego and I wish I could recap everything. Some of you have followed us on here and on Facebook and know about what the Lord has been doing in and through our lives. A few major things are that Aaron and I both attended and graduated from Impact 195 discipleship school!! During that time we were stretched spiritually and our family has grown closer to each other and most of all closer to our Creator. Our knowledge of who He is and our love for Him has grown so much. We are so grateful He allowed us to sacrifice things for Him to walk in His great and awesome works that He had for us this year!
    And now He has set out a huge work that we both are so excited to share with you all! As many of you know that Aaron and I were blessed to go on a 2 week mission trip to Jeremie, Haiti in April. It was amazing!! Before we left Aaron and I were presented an opportunity to ponder and pray about. It was a huge one! One that we both had many things to lay before our Saviors feet and count the cost too! Most of all is that we recognized we feel inadequate for the task and we know that that's when our Savior Jesus will do all the work and we get the blessing of stepping back and just being used by Him! We took plenty of time to count the cost, make lists, wrestle in our hearts and minds and pray daily to make the decision to move our family to live in Jeremie, Haiti as long term missionaries!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEH! PRAISE JESUS!!
    If you would've asked me just two years ago if I thought we'd be missionaries....ever....I would for sure have said, "probably not." And really just saw us doing His work here in our country! Which is awesome and hard all in itself. But His plan for us was not that and that is one reason it took us so long to say yes and make sure this was His desire and we would be willing to count ALL the cost and follow Him. One thing that reminds me daily of how my heart and mind need to be filled with His Truth is making sure to remember that when I meet my Savior Jesus, I want Him to say "well done, my good and faithful servant." He laid out this opportunity for Aaron and I and shocked us to the core.
    The great thing about our God is He is gracious and doesn't force us to do anything. Neither did Impact when they offered this opportunity. We knew we could say no and they would place us somewhere here to serve and we could be used by the Lord here for sure! The major questions we had to ask ourselves were;
1-Which decision would help us and our family to know God more as a Father?
2-Which decision will have a greater impact for the kingdom of God?
3-Which decision will require more faith?

I love how He works. Thinking through these questions has been such a great help in EVERYTHING we choose to do. God is so amazing in His love and He is always good. We are so grateful He is leading our lives and that we get the opportunity to be obedient to His word and "Go make disciples of all nations."

So...what is our goal?? Aaron and I are going to help oversee starting an Impact 195 discipleship school for Haitians. We will be going with a team that will help get this school kicked off. Our team is 5 other adults from Impact 195 here; Justin & Krista Angel, Mike Ortiz, Kate Richardson & Allie Wight!! While we oversee the school we also will be overseeing the Matthew 25 Project, which is meeting the needs in the community. Right now there is a feeding project that feeds about 500 kids three days a week. Our church has plans to purchase a super kitchen with massive cookers that can cook enough rice and beans to feed 1000 kids a day!! And once the funds are in for the cookers a U.S. company has agreed to donate rice and beans for the first year! We will also be hoping to add more to this project when we hit the ground! Jesus met needs and we know that there are many many many needs in Jeremie so this ministry will be busy. We also will be doing Church planting. Our hope is to take the Haitian students who come through Impact Haiti and train them to go out into the countryside and in town and plant churches. One big hope is also to create a childrens church since there is no church that welcomes children in Haiti. The last thing is helping to host all the trips that come out from our Impact in San Diego and the trips that are now coming out from The Rock Church! SO....much much much to think through and plan. We have been in this process for some time and now we can tell you all what the Lord has placed on our hearts as our goals when we move to Haiti!
   Some excitement is that our church just purchased 11 acres in Jeremie...completely blessed by the Lord in every part of the purchase. Part of that land will be new orphanage buildings that will host small groups of children in each house with a Haitian married couple to live in each one and help the children have more of a family. Then we plan to have an outside amphitheater for church going down the hillside and it should seat 1000!! Then it will have a soccer field and two buildings that one can host trips that come out and the other may end up being where we hold the Impact school! There are still many things that need to be finalized in it and funds that need to come but so exciting to know God is moving in Jeremie and we just are super excited to be a part of that!!
REALLY?? A housewife, a former sales manager and four kids??? Who did Jesus choose to follow Him as disciples?? Fishermen, tax collector, a physician....and He chose us!!

  Please pray for us as we get more and more into the planning and training before we leave. Our projected month to leave is April...but we will keep everyone posted as it gets closer! Love you all!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

More stories from Haiti, Days 3 - 5!

-          Day 3

-          We spent a major part of the day training w/ local disciples and community there.  One of the hard things for me personally was seeing all of the children there.  The kids don’t get much attention so the great part was that they were SO happy to have us there, we were able to give them attention and spend time just playing with them.  The difficult part was seeing how great their need is and not being able to do much to meet that need.  Most of these kids have super skinny arms and legs because they are malnourished, they don’t know when they will have water or food, and you really can’t give out any type of snacks to them, because if you give one out, within less than a minute, you have around 20 more kids asking for something and it grows and grows.  Thankfully the time that we had there, we were able to at least provide bags of water for all of them and small sandwiches for the people going through the training.

-          Afterwards we went to honor the handicap.  So around 2 years ago Nick (one of our team leads) had started a handicap ministry and they had still been meeting every week since then!  So we wanted to celebrate that by washing their feet and feeding them dinner, praying for them and ministering to them.  Also, the handicap in Haiti are seen as the lowest of the low.  They are completely neglected and treated like outcasts.  So it was pretty special to honor them in this way.  It was pretty moving also for our team, hearing some of the team members say it was one of their most memorable parts of the trip.  A lot of these people have never had anyone wash their feet for them, some didn’t even have feet to wash, so we washed their hands.  That evening 2 people also got saved and there was a woman who was deaf and mute who our team had met the day before.  She was there this evening and got prayed for and the Lord healed her!  I came in during the end part of it, and saw her eyes filled with tears.  Pretty amazing.

-          Day 4

-          We went to a Haitian church service!  Yes it was entirely in Creole, for 2 hours, had no idea what they said.  But the format of it felt like a Lutheran service.  Afterwards we went to the Orphanage that is set up by the Church we attend (the Rock).  This was such a blessing to see these 19 children.  They were being mistreated and abused; who knows where they would have been when the last orphanage was shut down, and God picked these kids up via the Rock Church.  The property they have is nothing major compared to the U.S. but in comparison to what most children have over there, it is pretty nice.  We just spent time with them, playing soccer, basketball, balloon animals, holding them.  And afterwards we spent the rest of the day at the Point training the disciples and community again.

-          Day 5

      Another highlight of the trip for me was when we went to the hospital to minister to people there.  After visiting the children’s ward, we went into the pre-op/post-op room for adults.  We did not have a translator at first, so we prayed for them and told them the few phrases in Creole we knew like, “Jesus loves you.”  (Jezi renme ou)  As we walked out, one of our translators arrived (Damas) and we still had 20 minutes left, so we walked back into the room.  One of the men in the corners spoke excitedly to Damas when he saw he could speak Creole and English.  I asked Damas what he said and he told me that God had given this man a vision in a dream one night and he shared it with him.  Here was his dream:
o   There was a man standing with a 4 pronged fork and asked ‘from where do you get this power?’  The fork edges represented 4 names of people who needed to hear the gospel and get saved.  God gave him 4 names in his dream.
-          So this man had been given this dream a few days back and the day after he had his dream he was driving somewhere and got into an accident.  He was unconscious for 3 hours.  When he woke up, he was in that hospital room!  The 4 names he had been given were in that room!  2 of the men had been moved to another room somewhere in the hospital, but the other 2 men were still there.  So this guy was asking us to pray for them!  So we ended up sharing the gospel with them while other Haitians came into the room and listened.  These 2 men, along with a young boy in the corner of the room, received Christ as their Savior that day!  It was crazy to be in the middle of seeing God speak visions and dreams to someone, and using that to bring salvation to these men!  Praise God!

More stories to come.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

HAITI RECAP, DAYS 1 and 2 - Stories

So we wanted to share about our highlights from our recent Haiti trip!  God did so much and we tried to journal most of it down so we wouldn't forget the details.  Most of our pictures from the trip are on our facebook page, so this will be primarily dedicated to stories.  We wanted to go over each day and share specific stories of how God touched our lives, and others' lives:

-          First day landing in Porte Prince and driving to Jeremie, here are some crazy things we saw:
o   Extreme poverty, most homes are made out of sticks w/ tarps as a roof, or metal aluminum sheets w/ scrap pieces to hold together, most homes are 8' x 12' and that's it,  people everywhere, tons of children, trash everywhere, they do everything on the side of the road, sell goods, cut meat, build furniture, cut steel, play, landfills full of trash w/ pigs in them, and people selling food right next to them.  Police driving by w/ automatic guns, security companies guarding gas stations w/ shotguns, every animal (cows, goats, etc) has ribs showing from malnutrition, women carry everything on their heads, boys (7 or 8 yr olds) walking along the highway w/ maschettis.  I know right, I'm thinking to myself, "Where am I?"  
-  Then when we got into the countryside it was SO beautiful.  A complete jungle, very green, hills, trees, etc.  A complete contrast from the city.  We landed in Porte Prince in the late morning and took a 8 1/2 hour bus ride to Jeremie.  The first part of the trip was paved roads, and the last 4 hours...lets just say it was like driving through the middle of nowhere on a dirt road w/ rocks and huge potholes all over the place, going around steep drop offs (like Colorado) with one lane while 2 cars are passing each other.  It was an experience we'll never forget!  We arrived in Jeremie at night and went to bed after unpacking.
      Day 1: Cultural emersion!  We went out in groups of 3 into the town without a translator!  We had a sheet w/ things to do on it, like change money at a local bank, find cafĂ© to send an email, find water well, pray for people, ask them about their relationship with Jesus, etc.  It was really challenging to do this without a translator, but God was faithful to line up different people along the way to help out.  Mike’s group (one of the guys on our team) went out and along the way they encountered a Muslim man.  Even without a translator, they were able to speak w/ him and lead him to Christ that first day!  Crazy enough, all throughout our trip we kept seeing him over and over again.  On day 2, we saw him and he went evangelizing with Mike’s group!  (talk about on-hands discipleship!)  And later on in the trip, when Mike’s group was lost, they encountered him again and he took them to his house!  They prayed over his pregnant wife, which he told them he had led her to Christ after he became a Christian!  Praise God!
      Day 2: The second day of ministry was evangelism/outreach day.  We grouped up in 3’s w/ a translator this time!  We were initially dropped off into a handicap area and asked by our leaders to pray for handicap people and invite them to our dinner/foot washing event we were going to have the next evening.  So we walked around for about 15 minutes and could'nt find any handicap people!  So Daniel (our translator) asked us if we felt led to pray for anyone to let him know as we walked and we could pray for people and talk w/ them.  So as we walked and prayed and asked God to show us the work He was already doing, He led us to specific people.  The few highlights for me was our group praying for a woman who had had a stomach issue for 3 months and she got healed.  We then walked down to a group of men by their motorcycles (motorcycles are the main transportation in Haiti, they use them to taxi people around town).  We stopped and one of the men approached us, I asked him if he had ever heard the gospel before and he said ‘No.’  So we began to share Jesus with him and pretty soon, there was a group of around 35-40 men completely surrounding the 4 of us.  We were entirely encircled by these men as they heard the good news of Jesus.  So after sharing the gospel, one man especially had many questions and we went back and forth for about 45 minutes while the group still surrounded us, and then we invited anyone who wanted to turn from their sin and trust in Jesus to pray with us.  So around 20 people received Christ that moment and were able to get some of their phone numbers to have local disciples follow up with them.  Afterwards we were walking back to our large group and we stepped aside to pray for a woman with a headache who was a Christian.  We layed hands on her and after we prayed she began waving herself like she was hot and was saying something in Creole.  Daniel, our translator, told us that she said she had no more headache!  It was a pretty amazing 2nd day to our trip and through the other groups that went out, God did similar things (healed people and many came to faith in Christ that day).
o   Other things we experienced on Day 2: Our team being a part of feeding over 150+ children and having to turn 40 of them away because of running out of food, multiple mothers trying to hand their babies over to us, Yes, this is not a joke, there were women who saw us and were trying to give their small babies away to us for good.

More updates to come on days 3 and 4 next.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Haiti HERE WE COME!!!!

> from Rock">">Rock Films on Vimeo.">Vimeo.>

This is a preview of where we are headed for a two week missions trip on April 22-May 6!!! YES! Aaron and I are going to take this step of faith and go serve  the orphans of Jeremie, Haiti and reach the lost who live in deep, deep darkness in Haiti. We will be going with 15-20 of our classmates and leaders. We really have a lot of details to post and will do so later. We just wanted to get this news out so that you all can pray for us!!!

If you'd like to, you can partner with us in one or more of the following ways;
-PRAY for us:
     *We need to raise $4,000 by March 5th
     *We are seeking childcare while we are gone
     *For our team as they raise funds and for the people of Haiti to have hearts ready to be free and know Jesus as their Savior.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Term 2 has begun!

We wanted to update you on what has happened over our 5 week break now that school has just started up are some of the major highlights. (pictures to come later, will have to get my amazing wife to help, I seem to be computer challenged... : 0

It was a time of rest, challenge, growth and wonderful time w/ friends and family.


We got blessed by the Hardy's (a couple back from FTC) with an 8 day stay at an amazing condo that walked right out onto Mission Beach!  It was really needed because our 'break' was actually pretty busy!  So our family took a week off and relaxed on the beach (70 degrees in winter...nice).  Aaron biked and ran with Malachi and Rachel.  We played games, had some friends over to see in the New Years and reflect on what God did in 2013, and mostly relaxed with our family.  Thank you to the amazing Hardy's once again, it was a refreshing time, more than you guys know!


After we returned from the condo, we had our first visitors from CO, the Lloyds!   Yay!  Drew, Danelle, Hawk and Phoenix came and stayed for 7 days with us.  10 people with 1 bathroom!  Ha! It was a blast though.  We spent time exploring the beach, the tide pools, going to free museums at Balboa Park, watched the Colts get destroyed : (   and the Broncos beat the Chargers.  We also got an amazing deal for LEGOLAND (basically 1/3 the cost of tickets), (thank you Eckart family for that blessing, we love you guys!) so we spent a day there and it was a great time, the kids behaved really well and they all really loved it!  The next day Isaiah wanted to go back!  There were challenges however...the first night Phoenix threw up and almost every night after that it was someone different throwing up or getting sick.  On Sunday, Hawk had a temp of over 104 so Danelle took him to the ER and watched the entire Bronco game at the hospital and Drew got the flu and was knocked out for the last 2 1/2 days of the trip.  It was a bummer that everyone was sick, but at least during the day, everyone for the most part was healthy and we were able to still press through and have a great time with them.  Love you guys!

2 days after the Lloyds left, my mom came down to see us for 8 days.  Nobody got sick during this stay!  We also had an amazing time with my mom.  We went to the zoo (thank you Abdelaziz family, a true blessing!) while she was here.  Isaiah had been asking for what it felt like every other day to go see the animals for weeks, so he was super happy!  We also got to go to the park, the beach, watch the sunset, celebrate Andrea's 35th birthday!  My mom was able to meet a ton of people that are heavily involved in our lives right now through the Rock and Impact during our open house week and that was a true blessing!  Of course everyone loved her, hard not to : )  It was very special to share a glimpse of what we are going through with my mom, wish we could've shared it with the Lloyds, and are looking forward to sharing it with my dad who comes out to see us in March!


During our break there were multiple International Impact Trips that took place and we who stayed were challenged to do a 'proof project.' 

IIT (International Impact Trips)
    Impact sent students/leaders to India, Thailand and Ecuador for 2 weeks to preach the gospel, serve the widows, visit jails, help orphans, help with a Christian school and much more.  I just want to share one story that was SO cool.

     In India the team met a woman who has had epilepsy for many years and she has burns from having seizures and falling down wherever she is at.  The team felt led to pray for her and did so.  After that moment God healed her and she has stopped having seizures!  Praise God!  She afterwards came to faith in Jesus and received Him as her Lord.  Her husband saw the love that the team had for one another and he also came to faith in Christ!  He told them that he had never known such love in a family, and he saw how the team treated and served one another in love and he wanted to be part of that family!  Wow.  This is what Jesus prayed for in John 17: 20-21.  Our love for one another is proof that we are Christ's disciples!  (side note: they followed up w/ a phone call to the woman since it has been 3 weeks now and she still has not had any seizures. Jesus!)

Our 'proof project' was a time where we could 'prove' or 'practice' out in our lives what we have been learning.  Basically to apply what we have been learning (the Bible says to be "doers of the Word and not hearers only so that we don't deceive ourselves")  We felt led to ask Jesus to grow our hearts with compassion and minister to the Homeless here.  1 John 4:17-18 "But whoever has the world's goods, and sees his brother in need and closes his heart against him, how does the love of God abide in him?  Little children, let us not love with word or with tongue, but in deed and truth."

There was a lot of things God did during our outreaches which consisted of 4 times going to them.  God supplied over 50 blankets, 300 pieces of clothing, 4 big tubs of food, Bibles, over 50 hygiene kits (toothbrush, deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, etc).  All of this He supplied for FREE which was amazing in and of itself.  We went out 2 times to give out these items, and meet people, pray for them, listen to their story, ask how we could help and share the gospel as God led. 

One highlight of the first trip was meeting a woman and her 7 yr old daughter who had been out on the streets for a few weeks running from an abusive relationship.  I hope she met Jesus that day in us.  We were able to pray for her, give her real needs, and people were led to pay for a hotel stay for 2 nights which was right next to a woman's shelter for abused women.  So she and her daughter hopped into our Suburban and when we dropped her off, she gave me probably one of the longest hugs I will ever experience...

The last 2 times we did outreach were times we helped with "Micro Sites."  So a micro site is where we take an Ipad, projector, speaker system, do a live stream from the Rock Church service and set up church!  We literally bring church to wherever we can access an electrical outlet and have a property to set up on!  Bringing the hope of Christ to people who don't want to step foot in a 'church' or don't have the means to get to church.  It is awesome.  The one we were a part of is literally outside in a parking lot, next to the interstate and in downtown San Diego a few blocks from a major Homeless population.

The second time we helped, we were able to see God bring 37 people and 8 people received Christ afterwards!  This Micro site is consistently going and there are literally Homeless people who walk to this location every week to go to 'church.'  I met a man named Carlos who had just gotten out prison that week after 18 years!  He trusted in Christ about 3 months ago and has been encouraged to grow and keep coming back. 

There are too many stories to keep going, these are just a few I wanted to share. 

Ultimately, God is moving and it is so great to be a part of His story.
Please keep praying for us as the enemy is fighting to deceive us and have us waste our time on frivolous things while people die daily and go to hell apart from knowing Jesus.

We love you and miss you all.
The Taylors.

When will I just trust.....

Seasons. Transitions. Flexibility. Adaptability. These words have been our lives for the past 5 years.  Has it become our normal? In some ...