Monday, September 29, 2008

Rachel and Avery ...who's the tatle tail?

I had to post this video because it shows precious Avery being friendly with Rachel and well, they just don't understand hurting each other, nor does Rachel try to escape. As you will see my sweet daughter looks at mom to take care of her frustration...ya know. I think deep inside she's thinking.."mom, why don't you put her in time out and make her cry like you do with Malachi when he's mean to me?? Come on mom?". But Rachel is absolutely in love with her cousin and her brother even when they pick on her. It's cute but someday Rachel will get back at them...and I hope I have the camera ready! (Also...Rachel wasn't hurt in this video and don't think I'm not running to her aide when she's actually in pain..)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

She growls!

Rachel has always been our crazy fearless daughter...and so I wanted to show you one of our favorite Rachelisms...she growls when she's happy and sad...this is her in her element!

A trip to the park

A great idea to head to City Park and surprise Malachi with a train ride. He loved it...thanks Auntie after his ride we went to the playground..and well I am still laughing at this film...he is ok and absolutely not hurt bad...just so funny to watch!

My kids and their fears

So as many of you read last year we experienced "the fly" fear and from that came the fear of hair in the bath tub and then sock fuzz floating in the tub...yep...Malachi is still extremely afraid of one of those...can you guess???

Well a few days ago on Aaron's one day off we had a peaceful and productive morning around the house and then after the kids took their afternoon naps we decided to venture to Lowes to look at cabinets for the laundry room. Yes, the minute we got into the cool race car shopping cart it all began!!! "I need"..."I need"...push push..."I need"...and let me just note, Malachi had four cars in his hand and had a snack...but had to push his sister, steel her snacks...and needed more! Aaron was a bit shocked and frustrated...I explained that it's a crab shoot with the kids when I take them out. I usually end up taking all things away and doing super speed shopping so I can get things done and then Malachi is disciplined in the car or home...and trust me...if I ask him when we get home why he's in trouble he'll tell the ENTIRE story. He knows. So...we rushed through Lowes and decided a quick trip to one of my fav's to eat, Chick-Fil-A(where I worked and still love the food...praise God we live in a state that has them!!)...and as many of you know when you're in a mall around food...there tend to be "FLIES"!!! Yep...SCREAMED and was so hard to get him to calm down and eat. Poor kiddo...I HATE flies too but we have to calm him down and let him know they won't hurt him. It's super sad and some day he may be the best fly killer in the world. (I used to love taking the fly swatter outside and killing flies...strange...maybe he got that from me??)

So...that night ended with a quick trip home and straight to bed! The next day I decide to take on the fun task of vacuuming this new home...with new carpet that is shedding a ton!! And of course Rachel puts it in her mouth all day. So...I know that Rachel doesn't like the vacuum so I decide I'll just do it upstairs, then put her down for a nap up there and then do the rest....well...I get the vacuum out and take it upstairs...she's already crying. And instead of staying away from her fear she climbs the stairs and pulls herself up to stand with my pj pants(which aren't belted so I"m holding onto the chord to the vacuum, my pants and trying to vacuum at the same time...She is screaming in fear and decides not to let go, sticks her hot little head between my legs and cry and walk with me, pulling my pants down while I try to vacuum!!!!!! AUGH! Finally I got that done and decided it was most definitely nap time for her so I could do the rest in peace. Poor kiddos...I love the fact that the Lord has made them both completely different and it makes my life so full and interesting! I love it!

Friday, September 19, 2008

The house now!!

So here's what it looks like now. All we did outside was trim up the ugly bushes inthe front, and a chore of ours was putting the brick reinforcement walls on the two more to go in the back! Next year...we'll update you on the new front porch and other landscaping ideas we have in store.

Malachi's bunk..and he needs buddies to come stay sometime!
And of course, Daddy found some cool bedding for Malachi at his work...HE LOVES IT! He knows all the construction vehicles and this is perfect.Here's the office/entry room. We haven't found cool chairs and a coffee table yet, but we're hunting...most likely will be found at Sofa Mart...and I don't think Aaron will shop anywhere else!

The back is very we can make it our own!

But most deffinetely one of the largest yards we could find in Ft Collins!!

Here's precious Rachel's room.

Here's looking down at the dinning table when it's open for eight!! Yipppee...more seats!And of pride and joy...the awesome kitchen. It's wonderful now that I can use my new pans and other gadgets that have been in boxes never used for almost three years!!!And Aaron's fav room...the family room with of course a huge entertainment center for a larger tv that Aaron plans on getting....IN THE FUTURE! And what you can't see is to the left are three to the guest bedroom(which now has a nice king bed and new bedding...please come visit??), one to the garage and bathroom and laundry room...and the last is to our unfinished basement. To the right are the sliding doors to the backyard.This is a pic of the table closed(how we normally have it) and the extra chairs are at the bar.This is the buffet that goes with the table...just didn't have room in the dining for it holds my funky dishes! I love it!

Rachel turned 1!!!!

She's ONE! It's flown by and been great! Rachel is one and had our first birthday party we've ever thrown for our kids. It was fun. My sister from Pueblo came up with her three boys who've never met the kids and then Rachel and Brian came with Avery and my parents came up too! It was great. We barbequed and just enjoyed the fam.

Yes...she's going up and down the stairs...but not walking. She actually slides extremely fast down the stairs on her tummy. It's a riot!

This is Payton and Malachi..they're only three months apart and never really met each other accept once as little babies.

And here's the other cousins...the oldest is Jeremiah and the cutie in the Bronco's jersey is Reece, than Payton, Rachel and Malachi....Avery wasn't there yet.
Malachi's first hotdog...he liked it and once a year is plenty.

And for Rachel's cake she had the Taylor fam tradition of a yogurt blueberry muffin...she dove right in and loved it.

Moving in

So here's some fun photo's of the past few weeks moving in!

This is Rachel's first time sleeping in Malachi's crib...and not the pack'n'play! She sleeps even better...if that's possible

Yes...she's using the spork! She is very strong someone in our family???...and she just wants to feed herself all the time. It's great!

Malachi's new bed!!! He loves it!

If anyone needs ideas as to how to get your kids to's true. Have them help cook. He eats whatever we make every time! And he loves to watch the Food Network with mom. He asks every day to watch "cooking".

So here's the house before we bought it!

I know everyone wants to see pic's of the here's what it looked like advertised and staged...before we moved in and did a small bit of clean up on the landscaping...the trees in the front. The back yard is pretty plain so it gives me an empty canvas to do landscaping and new patio and garden next fun! Everything inside is new. New carpet, new flooring, new countertops, new appliances never used, new doorknobs, new light fixtures and's awesome!

This is the front entry we made into our office.
Here's looking down on the entry, kitchen, and dining

This is the kid's bathroom...yeh it's much bigger than ours...we had to settle in that area...

This is the guest bath downstairs next to the guest bedroom

Here's the master's much smaller than it looks...but we'll survive until the Lord provides enough to remodel the master room and bath

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our last few days in the basement then a HOUSE of our OWN!

Here's the cuteness of our last days at Auntie Rachel and Uncle Brian's house...


Yes...she can take her pants off super easy...not my favorite trick of hers.

So when Malachi says certain words they are hard to understand...well in the morning when he ask's for breakfast he says...."I need befkpks"...or something of the sort. This is Uncle Brian's surprise on the fridge for Malachi and never fear Uncle Brian says it every time he talks to Malachi.

Yep...Avery's walking!

Love's anyone's shoes...especially mommies.

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