Monday, March 24, 2008


HE IS RISEN.....HE IS RISEN INDEED! That is why I am standing where I am today, with my amazing husband and two beautiful kids. Jesus paid the price for me...He died for all of my mistakes, all of my wrongs, all of my sins. And he was faultless and knew He was dying for someone who would choose to hurt Him over and over, yet He is the only way to bridge the gap between me and God. I can't do it. Ever. So He came, He bled and died for me, and best of all He rose from death to be seated next to God so that the cross He died on would be my bridge toward God. My sins are washed away and I now can live a life guided by my Savior, filled with His unconditional...and let me repeat that...UNCONDITIONAL love. And what's best about this I will see Him again!!!! HE IS RISEN!!!! HE IS RISEN INDEED!!!!

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Rykowski family said...

Great pictures! I love being able to see your family and kids grow up even though I don't get to see you. They do such cute things. You have cute kids, you need to make more. ;)