Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Disney World..thanks to Aaron's great job at work!!

This year we were blessed to go to Disney World and stay at the Animal Kingdom resort because Aaron had earned the trip by recruiting employees for the company last year...he was in the top 15 recruiters and we took the trip with our best friends,(and his old mgr from Billings) Anthony and Kylene Eckart and their beautiful daughter Annelise, who's 5 months! So enjoy the photos...we took a ton! It was absolutely great and chaotic too...we were glad we didn't pay for it because it's just not a place for little kids...but Malachi did enjoy it...he probably would've had as much fun just playing in the resort pool and looking at the animals outside our balcony!

So for entertainment while we waited for our second flight who couldn't resist a good leg massage at Brookstone??? Of course Malachi!!

Then right as we arrived this was right outside our kidding!!

Here we start our journey into trying to get Malachi to take photos...ha ha ha

So Malachi and I ventured into a bone play place in the Dino land place and he loved it! young don't you think??

This was a blast. This is the ride for Toy story and you shoot the evil Zoorug's bad guys and Rachel and I wooped Aaron and Malachi...mostly because Aaron was taking pic's.

Here's Aaron and Malachi going on Malachi's first rollercoaster. He loved it!

A Pooh's play area...yep...find a slide and he's happy.

Yep...outside our balcony...

Absolutely the strongest kid in the pool!!!

Anthony/Tony and Aaron

Of course..Tony and Ky

Yes...thank you Ky and Tony for our awesome ears with our names on them...we love them...and of course so does Malachi!!!

This was the one precious time Annelise let us near her without screaming so we got a photo quickly!

Rachel loves to stand and refused to sit....many times

Here's our leaving shot of our resort loby...yeh so cool!


Aloe said...

You and your fam get more and more beautiful every time I visit your blog. Congrats on having such a wonderful family!

Kellie said...

We so wanted to go there with our family for our anniversary, but the cost was just too much. I am so glad you were able to make the trip. It looks like you had fun. I am really glad that you are going back to your home state. See ya.

Tyler said...

Hey hope you had fun on your trip can't want to see you soon

Kellie said...

How are you all doing? Settled in yet? Hope to hear from you soon.

Rykowski family said...

Looks like SOOO much fun!!! I'm so excited for you guys to be moving closer to home you've been waiting for that for so long!!

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