Friday, August 13, 2010

What a funny day!

I wish I had the video camera running in every corner of this house. It would catch my funny munchkins saying and doing the most hilarious things. This afternoon I saw Rachel walking up stairs with her little talking baby "Lila" which we bought her 2 years ago. Recently she's been super imaginative and is playing along with Malachi and his little dinosaur like a family story or something. Here is what I heard her say..."Hi, Lila...I will help need me...ok. Here's your mommy and daddy...uhhh...and they kissing...(long squeaky pucker sound)." HA HA HA!!! I lost it. I sure am glad my kids know even now after three kids daddy and mommy like to kiss!

Then tonight after I got done reading to the three kids before bed..interestingly enough Isaiah loves sitting and listening to the stories...Malachi had some questions that touched my heart. We had read the story about Jesus going to heal Jarrius' daughter who was on her death bed and also getting stopped by the bleeding older lady who touched his coat/cloak and was healed. When we got done I just asked Malachi what had happened in the stories. He told me about the girl getting healed and the lady and I explained how awesome it was that the woman knew that just by touching Jesus' clothes she would be healed because He was God. Then Malachi said something about Jesus not being here went like this....
Malachi- "Jesus is in the sky"
Me- "Yep...He is actually everywhere. He is in mommy's and daddy's heart."
Malachi- "Naaa. How is that? I don't see him."
Me- " you believe He is alive?"
Malachi - "Yes."
Me- "Then do you believe that you and mommy and everybody do bad things or sin? If you know that then you say a prayer...Telling Jesus you know you have done bad things and hurt Him and made Him sad. But you believe He died on the cross for those sins and forgave them all. Then you ask Jesus to be in your heart...FOREVER."
Malachi- quiet...thinking
Me- "Then you will never ever ever ever be alone. He will be there to guide you and help you every single day and every single minute!"
Malachi- "I want to say that when I get into my bed. Ok mommy"
Me- "Ok"

We then went to pray all four of us and Malachi didn't want to hold Rachels hand...which is pretty much what they argue about every night...but instead reached his hand out to his right to hold Jesus' hand and told Rachel to do the same. After we hugged and kissed he asked if Jesus would go with him into his room. I said absolutely and you can tell him your prayer and talk to him whenever you want to. He was so excited. awe of that amazing child like faith I see in the eyes of my children. The realness of my Savior in the life of my son is awesome. I know He is working through Aaron and I daily to lead our little children into His arms and receive His grace, forgiveness and salvation. AMAZING. I just wanted to put my ear to the door and listen to Malachi just talk to Jesus. And he did. So sweetly and so real. It brought me back to when I was 6 or 7 and my best friend was Jesus. I talked to Him alllllll the time. And I still find myself on nights especially when Aaron's away on business I get into my bed. I can't sleep anyway with my husband next to me. So I talk to my absolute best friend. I hope Malachi does that forever!

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