Friday, October 14, 2011

Another cake...

Ok...this cake was really completed by Danelle...our great friend. She did ask if I could help with ideas and making the tiger lilies. Mind you...we've never worked at all with gumpaste...or made these kinds of flowers so these pictures are from the two full days we took to make them the week of the wedding. The other days...not worth taking pictures!!

So in this one...thes are the plain petals pre-painted or dusted with color. We did each petal the day before individually crafted then left in their curved shape for 24 hours before we put them together and began to paint.
Danelle did all the ivy and here she is steaming them after she dusted them with the darker green. the flowers.

These are just with the dots and no dusting or steam yet.

And these are them...after dusting with colors and steaming!

And...sad I didn't get to be involved at all in making the yummy cake or deliverying it or designing..but Danelle did AMAZING. She also was the maid of honor so she was a bit busy and tired after. She said tons of people tried to smell the flowers and some said they would pay us to make another cake!!!! I HOPE!

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