Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Another fun cake...

Added two more pictures of it set up!!

So just a few days ago Danelle let me know we had been asked to make a cake...and get paid for it! WHAT? Well...we made our first Topsy Turvy three tiered cake for Bare Escentuals adn their customer service company, Center Partners as they celebrated 4 years of working together. I would have to say that physically working on this 8 hours straight yesterday till midnight was not our plan but with 5 kids super little between us that would have to do! So here are some pictures...it is not complete because their is a funky chocolate 4 that was put on top and an awesome white chocolate plack with their logo's drawn on it.( just so you know Aaron stepped in and did the logo's on the chocolate and the awesome logo on the powder lid!!) It turned out wonderful...and the homemade sponge cake tasted great! Yeh...we got to sample because we shaved a lot of cake in shaping it! Also notice the great detail inside the powder case...holes and powder...Danelle also dumped a small pile when she set it up next to the case...there is dust on the brush tips too! It was cool and super fun...now we need to come up with some business cards because people were asking!

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