Saturday, August 25, 2012

What do we look like...and our sweet 8 month old!

It's always hard for us to get a picture of us...ever. So Aaron took me out on a date...which also is hard for us to do with four kids. And his dad took us out in our fun landscaping project(which has taken all summer, but it's almost done!) We enjoyed an amazing dinner at a completely Fort Collins new restaurant...Restaurant 415. It was super modern, organic, gourmet and great ambiance.
 And finally....what does our sweet little guy look like. the midst of getting over a double ear infection he is smiling and laughing just like all our cute munchkins. He really is doing great. He is physically right on for a 6 month old and is hitting that point where something new happens daily. We are working on sitting up which is hard for him with weak arms and core. He is rolling everywhere and eating his toes. He is such a joy. From birth he has always been so calm and gentle and quiet unless he needs something desperately. He adores his siblings and Isaiah can't stop kissing him. He is wonderful!

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