Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy 2nd birthday to our sweet Caleb Anthony

Praise the Lord that today I was able to sit and remember that two years ago at this time Aaron and I were in the hospital praying that our fourth son would wait to be born 9 more weeks, and the Lord said "No". His will was for us to not be able to stop labor and the next morning around 8:30a.m. our doctor came in to check me and I was dilated to 6cm. We burst into tears...terrified. We knew that our son could possibly not make it. Through our tears Aaron knelt with me and prayed. And then asked, sobbing, if "Caleb Anthony" was ok for his name. A peace came over me. I am grateful that the Holy Spirit lives in me. I knew Caleb was the Lords and not mine. He was a gift to me, to never hold with a closed hand and trust God to do His will, His good and perfect will. Not long after we knew we were delivering Caleb labor really kicked in and my doctor explained he would probably be 2lbs and not even cry when he came out. I remember feeling this peace that he would surprise her. When he came out screaming and looked in my eyes it was amazing. He weighed in at 3 lbs. 12 oz. Caleb Anthony has great purpose in his life and God knows that his purpose is not done. 
This past year Caleb has accomplished a lot for a little guy. He may even surpass his brother Isaiah in height and shoe size soon! He is curious, funny, observant, loving, and definitely mischievous. One thing that touches Aaron and I is when we go to lay him down to bed he instantly puts his tiny hand out to hold ours and lays his head on our shoulder to pray. He has done this for 9 months and it just touches me how he knows we are praying. He has even approached us when we circle to pray with a classmate or a neighbor to pray and raises his hands to hold ours. He is precious.  Caleb...your name is absolutely who you are..."whole hearted, faithful."


Serena Abdelaziz said...

I remember praying for your Caleb as ours was already here, and I knew that you were going to need a lot of strength to keep encouraged. I am SOOO glad to see God's faithfulness at work in his life.

Amber Crosby said...

What a beautiful testimony, Andrea. God is faithful.