Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Seasons of Great Strengthening

Wow! This blog has been calling me for a while and I haven't placed myself down to just plain and simple say "hello". "Hello".

I really want to update you all on everything that God is doing with our preparation to move...but you might stop reading too soon because so much is happening. Right now we are 70% funded for monthly support and our one time needs have been met! How awesome is our Lord! Every time Aaron and I sit and pray over specific needs or people the Lord is so faithful to move. We are still praying and trusting to be fully funded soon so that we can actually get to the funds to purchase our airline tickets!

In the midst of fun-raising:) we have continued to be busy with the kiddos. God has been opening Aaron's eyes and heart to walk in his role in God's design of a dad. And I have been stepping out of that discipline roll and more into nurturing my children. (We both discipline, but Aaron is the lead in it) It has been so amazing to see how I feel so blessed to nurture them, and as hard as it is for Aaron he is created to walk in that role and it is a blessing. As with anything we do to grow anyone closer to the Lord there is always a battle involved. It has NOT been easy. But so very blessed. Our love for each kid has grown to enormous amounts. We are also able to see each one of them walking in their individual design and God's amazing gifts in them. SO AWESOME! Raising eternal being's is no joke. Prayer is absolutely top priority in this battle.

Also...what an awesome thing it is as a parent to see one of your children call on the name of Jesus and trust Him with their lives! On April 5 Isaiah proclaimed at church his trust and surrender to Jesus Christ as his Savior and was redeemed! Such a huge day! PRAISE JESUS for what He did for us freely! So neat to see Him shine in our kids when they come and receive Him. The Holy Spirit just shining through them and growing them! AWESOME!

Thank you all for continuing with us on this journey. I am excited to begin to post more pictures. I know Facebook is the easy route for pics..but I want to let you all know I will share stories on here of all the awesome things God is going to allow us to walk through and the struggles of it too! Love you all deeply!

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