Sunday, October 7, 2007

The "Fly"

To start this story I must let you know that our son is only 23 months and when something new and uncomfortable happens to him it tends to frighten here goes. While driving away from Aaron's work Malachi begins to if he was in pain. I'm trying to look at him in my mirror to see if he got pinched by the buckle or something. Nope...he's in tears...I mean crying so hard he can't breathe and he's frozen. There is a fly on his arm...yep and he won't move. I'm trying tell him to move his arm like mommy and he will not move! The fly slowly walks down his arm and he still won't move. He's petrafied. Absolutely frozen. The fly stops on his hand and he is in utter fear by now. So I park right away which is very far from the entry to Walmart. I hop out and go to save my son from this horrible fly. I smack it in the air with my shoe and it meets it's destruction on the carpet with the sole of my shoe. Malachi calms a little and says "bye bye fly!" HA HA! My son is hillarious. Although he seemed calm then, putting him back in the car was a little hard that day. He was still afraid of the fly. Precious child of mine.

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