Monday, January 7, 2008

I love these two!

Here's some fun new shots of the two kids....the first is for Manaw....yes she made these sweaters and Malachi's head is so stinkin big I couldn't get it on so here ya go! We tried for about ten minutes to get it on...but that is huge!!! Sorry Manaw!!!

So....Rachel likes her fingers!!!!!!!

Maybe...I like my fingers too!!!!

Do you like my crazy laugh Rachel????

Or is it blowing you away???

Just too cute! He loves his bottom lip...and look at those bright eyes!


Brian & Rachel Schultz said...

oh my! they are so cute! one of those pics of rachel looks a lot like avery. they are beautiful!

Aloe said...

They are so cute! Its like having a mini aaron and mini ange around!! How funny!

Liana said...

Good post.

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