Monday, January 7, 2008

Our Christmas trip to Madison, Wisconsin

This year was the first year in four year that we got to spend Christmas with any family and it was wonderful! We drove a little over six hours to Madison, WI to shack up with Rachel, Brian and Avery and Bethany (Brian's sis) at Brian's parents house for Christmas! It was absolutely wonderful. Malachi's first and favorite thing the entire trip was the two cats and of course his favorite...was "JOE MAMMA!" He would follow those cats all day and just hand them toys and even his water to share but never touched them and they seemed to like it too! It was also so nice for me to finally meet my beautiful neice Avery Joy! She's absolutely gorgeous and it is so strange to look at her and see my sister in her sooooo much! I love it! The only bummer was that Aaron and I got a pretty bad head cold and it made us very out of it but we were so blessed to be there. And now more than ever we've asked everyone we know to pray for an opening in Fort Collins to come up for Aaron to transfer!!!! We just love Rach and Brian so much and would love our kids to grow up close to them and their cousins!....and of course close to all our other family in CO!!! So here are some of our first day in WI!

Yeh...right now little Rachel looks absolutely nothing like Avery!!!

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