Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So this day I went outside with Malachi while Rachel Eliana slept and Aaron hung out inside. It was great for Malachi and I to be alone and play chase...or should I say "chase Malachi". This concept is not quite clear to him. I had thrown the ball and said I'd chase him and get the ball...I grabbed it and ran and he's running, and running, and catches up to me...then passes by and wants me to chase him..yep without the ball...I still had in my hand!! Funny concept for him! But I loved it very much! Precious little boy...and some precious pictures of our beauties.

Here, Rachel...do you like this pine cone?? I hope so...cause..you may need to taste it for me.

Here's one of our sweet friends in our appartment...well their son, Ottov who Malachi enjoys playing with. His mom and dad, Simmi and Monaj were in India visiting home and the woman in the pictures is one of Ottov's grandmas from India visiting here to help out.

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Rykowski family said...

these are so great. Wow they are getting so big!

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