Tuesday, May 13, 2008

She's getting so big!

I cannot believe Rachel Eliana is now 8 months old. It's hard for me to put my mind around that because at this age with Malachi he was HUGE and had 8 teeth and said "dada"...but didn't do much else...because of the "HUGE" part! Rachel is just a spaz...in a great way. She's not a good nurser, due to distractions(i.e. brother)...and she just won't sit still! She has always been this way. She is most deffinetely brave! There seems to be no fear in her. So as I put this pictures up she is trying to pull herself up to stand...and has fallen a few times...and in the pictures of her sleeping in my arms it is at the last MOPS meeting at church and I had to get a picture because both of my kids didn't sleep in my arms after they were about 1 month old and when Malachi was about 7 months old he was sooooo tired he fell asleep in my arms and we took a picture. Well, that's what happened at MOPS and I just needed a photo of her. She's so precious!! Absolutely beautiful. I love her growling laugh and growling in anger. She is my little lamb and I just can't get enough of her smile....and she still has no teeth and I'm quite ok with that!

I had to put this picture of her mess....and I often wonder who invented some of this teething snacks...seriously??? Look at this mess. I think to myself, "why?"..."why am I giving this to her, knowing that I will have the biggest mess to clean up?" I mean this girl, as I said earlier, does not sit still...and she had this everywhere!!! In her hair...on her pants...I mean all OVER her pants and still managed to eat just a little of that GERBER bitter biscuit...and had most of it left over stuck to her leg! Yep...gross!

Our super spiritual daughter prays in her sleep!! HA HA HA! Just kidding...well maybe she does...we don't know.

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