Sunday, November 1, 2009

A sled, A hill...and bitter cold wind

And away we the car, bundled up and ready to hit the hills at Epic went ice block sleding in college. It was insanly busy and unbelievably cold...but to our surprise Malachi ended up being the star...and taking the round sled and going down the big hill all alone!!!

Sweet Shanole, AJ and Sydney joined us and then were freezing so they left quickly!

We tried to find a hill with less wind but it was too fluffy snow for Aaron so his pants were soaked!!

And Avery...ha..we love you just aren't ready for wind or snow!And Rachel, aka miss independent, began walking up the hill alone and making snowballs to carry!Finally my sis just grabbed Avery and took her down...and it seemed she actually liked it!

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Shanole said...

Yes very cold, we will have to try that again soon though. Chris and I have a really awesome hill by our house that's huge. You guys will have to check it out with us!

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