Saturday, October 3, 2009

Rachel's 2nd birthday!!!

So I'm finally posting pictures from Rachel's birthday party...on September 12th. Sorry! It was a wonderful day and weekend. My parents came over from Grand Junction and my mom was a huge help with food and helping me with the cake. So fun! Here's Rachel early that morning when daddy took her to see her biggest gift...a new play kitchen that I got used and spiffed it up with paint and new stove fun!And here's breakfast time...she has no idea that his whole day was about her! She's so used to Malachi trying to take the attention was great to watch her with everyone there for her.And her special outfit for the day with minnie mouse, fake plastic dress shoes, a ring and her new minnie fun. She loves dress up.So here's the beginning of the spread of food and the cake. It turned out allright. I am a bit of a perfectionist so I see too many things I wanted to look different, but my mom was a huge help on dying the fondant and helping me with bows and such! So fun to work with her.Yep...that's a look of...I want some of those cupcakes now!!!! And the party begins...we had 44 people including 22 kids in our house! Downstairs we had a coloring table set up for the kids to color and watch a Mickey Mouse episode too.What you can't see here is the 40 people behind the camera singing to her. It was packed! It was too cold outside to let the kids play so we didn't get to do any games we had made..a.k.a. Pin the tail...and bean bag toss(feed minnie cheese) or the Pinata!!! Next year I guess. Her face when everyone sang was precious. She realised this was for her. So sweet.And she was so blessed by everyone that came. So many fun gifts that were perfect for her. And all the kids of course wanted to help least her cousin Cora and Nick were on the prowl protecting there little cousin this is the next morning when she got to actually try some of the gifts out and open the gifts Aaron and I forgot we'd wrapped in the basement from us and Nanny and Grampy and Auntie Ky and Uncle Tony...opps!And yes...Malachi still thinks all of them are for him!I also want to add here...for those of you who don't know let me show off my hot husband who's lost almost 50lbs!!!! He is so stinkin healthy and good lookin...not like he wasn't before but man he's HOT!!! I will try to post more pics of him soon!

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