Monday, January 5, 2009

A collage of events and holidays the past two months!

So I'll begin by saying please scroll all the way down and read the next post after this to understand why when the Christmas photos come up there aren't as many...due to my fun week of healing from the kidney stone! So I'll explain each photo as you go...a lot happened in November and December.

So here's Dad Taylor...David...or as the kids call him Grampy...we were blessed to come down to see him baptise our niece and nephew and we didn't know he was preaching too!! It was great.

Here's sweet Charles getting baptised. He's 8!

and here's Cora and she's 6!

Here's the entire Taylor think they only have two sons...and six grandkids...we may not be done either!

Here's our week in Vail, CO for and the kiddos went up early to spend time with Grandpa Bob and Grandma

And a great great surprise was my bro Nate and my beautiful sister'n'law Mary came up for a night.

And of course...Mary and I and our coffee!
I love this photo...both look a bit confused! Here's Rachel's sweater and hat Grandma made for her last year...finally fits!

So...Malachi took on pushing Rachel all over Vail village...he loved it!
And Grandma and Nanny...this is my mom and Aaron's mum...his folks came up to Vail for the week then to our house for two more weeks. It was awesome!
And our shoe girl loves to put on anyones shoes...especially boots!I think it's gotten pretty common for people to take photos of my little kiddos potty training...because we start them so young...Malachi was nine months and Rachel was five works!And our last day we got a great visit from my close high school friend, Ben and his gorgeous wife Amanda who live in Washington.Who wouldn't want to make out in that beautiful romantic downtown Lionshead. It was awesome...we should've left the kids and actually had a date.
CHRISTmas time!!!!!

So here's some of Aaron's staff....Roger was missing and then two of these are gone now and he has of course two more men he's hired since...Mike and it's changing a bit now but we had a great CHRISTmas party!

Who doesn't love a snowman....well Nanny and Grampy and Mommy did most of it but the kids enjoyed it.

We had many, many many shots to get our CHRISTmas card photo...I just think it's comical to do with two toddlers.

And Malachi enjoyed his great train table and train set Nanny and Grampy got him for his birthday!

She really thinks she can walk down the stairs!

And she LOVES goggles! So funny...little noodle.

Our bruiser...have no idea how she did this one but it looked terrible.

Can't resist our sweet niece, Avery, loves to be nudy and her big booty is so cute!This is my only photo from CHRISTmas eve...I was a bit out of it...Fun gifts...even Thomas underwear!!And a purse with a fake cell phone!! Of course she knew exactly what to do.and of course more fun gifts over at Auntie Rachels with Grandma and Grandpa Bob.Then my oldest sis, Tiff and her hubby Rob came with the three boys...didn't get a photo of Jeremiah but here's Payton and Reece and Malachi...Reece is a ladies man...for sureAnd man they are kids were a bit scared of the wrestling and strange sounds they made...but it was a great holiday week.

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Team Griggs said...

The kids are getting so big. It looks like you guys had a great Christmas. Big hugs & kisses. Miss you all lots!

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