Friday, January 30, 2009

Once again...

So I am behind again!!! After I wrote I had the beginnings of some major tooth work...which I now have four more appointments, a tender dying tooth and two fake crowns on top of the dying I can't eat on that side! We also left on my fun 30th birthday for a week vacation in Billings, Montana with our best friends...well they are our brother and sister, Tony and Ky and our niece Annelise..and of course their dog Buddies. It was absolutely wonderful. We felt so relaxed and welcomed. It was just great to fellowship with them and see some of our old friends from when we lived their four years ago. (If we ever move again we're praying for Billings...just a side note...not any time soon) So we just got back on Monday and I'm doing my best to catch up and book our next vacation because...well originally Tony and Ky and us were supposed to spend our week in our condo in Big Sky, Montana...but two days before we left I called the condo to get pack'n'plays in our rooms and they said we weren't booked there....ummm. We booked it in October and now found out they booked us in Missouri!!! Yep...please never ever ever go with Bluegreen Resorts. It has been a very terrible ordeal and they are not very nice about their mistake. So as of today we ironically are booked for the last week of April in...yep...Missouri...we wanted a full week and to use our airline miles and the only place that lined up was the exact same resort they mis booked us at! So...anywho...Aaron and I will have one long week without the munchkins right outside of Branson, Missouri. It will be matter what obstacles we've had. So...we're back in town and I'm really wanting to feel settled here in Colorado. But I don't yet. Once we've really gotten involved in our church and they start the second service that Aaron can come to with us...and maybe I'll find another good MOPS group and hook up with other moms. And of course we have to get ready to put little Malachi in Preschool...oh my! we go. And of course I finally took the time three weeks late, to plant all my bulbs out front. I'm hankering to garden so that will be fun!

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