Sunday, February 22, 2009

I miss my kids!

We are so blessed to have family close now that can take our kiddos and allow us to feel a bit of freedom from taking care of them and entertaining them. Last Friday Aaron's folks took the kids early in the morning and will bring them home Tuesday!!! We were able to go and enjoy a great concert in Denver Friday night; Matthew West, Sanctus Real and Jason Gray. It was absolutely fun with my brother in law, Jason and sister in law, Diane. Then yesterday I slept in...hmmmm....I haven't felt well so my sleep wasn't great but I did stay in bed till 9am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness what is that? It has been over 4 years since I've slept in that late. I relaxed all day and got to go and hang out at Aaron's work for as long as I wanted. I felt like we were dating again. It was great and then he wanted to go on a date last night so we enjoyed a little Red so full we didn't want to do anything we hung out at home after. This morning though I miss my kids. I am so blessed to be able to be at home with them and watch them grow every second and learn. I do enjoy these days because I am reminded of who I am...not just as a mom and wife, but who the Lord made me to be. Uniquely me. And I am thankful for the way He made me, and I am sooooo grateful I can see how beautiful and amazing He made my unique and wonderful husband and amazing kids. Leaving church today I am so blessed that the Lord shows us exactly why He puts us in certain places, at certain times, with certain people...every day. I love our neighbors, Tyler and Erin and their kiddo Tanner and how the Lord placed us here to love them and fellowship with them and show them Christ through our lives and friendship. I love that God kept pressing on my heart to go to our church, Summitview...and absolutely answered our prayers and confirmed that this is where we are to be in that they will have two services starting in April(which means Aaron can come to church with us now...since they'd only had one service at 10am and Aaron had to work at 10:30am..PRAISE JESUS) I love our small group and the fact that someone I've held so dearly in my heart, Amber Constant, since college...invited us to check out their group. We are amazed...absolutely amazed. Every thing about our home, our church and small group have been answered prayers for years and years of seeking to find soooo many things in each of these areas and we've found them. So...I derailed from talking about my munchkins...but all there is to say...I love them and am so thankful that I know the Lord has placed us here in this moment, to do His will and I love being in this place for that reason and to share that with my kids. I am anxious for them to be home...but so full of joy that they can enjoy Nanny and Grampy before they leave the country again....I miss my Malachi kisses, prayers and every day rituals and my little Rachel growls, snarls, giggles and personality...I miss them.


Shanole said...

OOOOHHH that's cute!

Sharon and Bob said...

Of course you miss them, but I am so thrilled that you and Aaron have had time for each other. And...when Grandma and Grandpa Bob get moved there, you may have more time together as we get to enjoy them.
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Will you do a post sometime talking about how you have potty trained your kiddos, starting them so young, etc.

Aaron, Andrea, Malachi and Rachel said...

I'm very curious who this Annonymous person is...but of course if I should post something about the kiddos being potty trained...or starting early I will...let me know who you are???