Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Garden...beginning to end's freezing time...and my garden...well what's left is going away for this season so I decided I better post some photos of it's amazing growth this year!
Here's the beginning... also had some lettuce but in June and July the hail we had destroyed Malachi planted corn!
And here's a small harvest of carrots...still have a ton frozen.
And now you can see my gigantic three tomato plants!!! Yep they towered over the fence the day I took them down! We also had strawberry plants but we'll get more next year. Under the tomato's was hidding a sad cucumber plant...Malachi stepped on when I planted it so it became his cucumber...and you'll see what we got from it..ha!
Here are hot cherry peppers and Poblano'sAnd here's my pride heirloom tomato's that are eventually two toned and delicious.Here's the lowly cucumber that we got from our sad plant. Still tasted great!Here's our first bit of raspberries...yes we ate them and next year we should have a bunch more!And a very small portion of our yellow pear tomato's and my harvest of New Mexico peppers/Jalepeno's/and seranos!Ok So here's the green bells/red bells/yellow bells that have since rippened...and the green tomato's I harvested before the freeze. Now they've all been pickled/eaten/rippened/ or made into homemade chicken wing sauce! Yum.And Malachi's one good corn we got from his five yummy! And yes it's a hybrid red corn. We'll grow more next year.His pride...the cucumber!And now...when it's warm enough they just dig out there together!


Sharon and Bob said...

Love the pictures! They are precious. Can hardly wait to live there and see them all the time in person!

Shanole said...

Wow you had an amazing garden. We need to take tips from you guys. Or maybe if we skip the hail next year!