Monday, January 31, 2011

a bunch of pictures update!!'s some pictures from Christmas till now....enjoy
Yep...Malachi was the first awake...after mommy woke up at around 7am...not bad!

The kids were excited to celebrate Jesus' birthday...and didn't realize they would have presents until the night before when they learned presents would be there in the morning.
Malachi's first Transformer car....thanks to Pawpaw and Mawmaw...he loves it!!!

And from Pawpaw and Mawmaw Isaiah got this hilarious zebra!! So fun!

And their gift from daddy and mommy was each of them got a dress up trunk full of costumes we'd collected since the summer...they love them!!
This was at my sisters house where the kids made Jesus' birthday was a masterpiece.'s the pirate costume...funny how he made such a face and he's never seen a pirate! Rachel is posing in her sweet handmade skirt and hat from Grandma.
And now she's a pirate!

Malachi LOVES to help a lot...and feeding his baby bro is his favorite.

Love this...poor kiddo couldn't keep his pants on!!

So Aaron treated me to a great birthday! He was supposed to head to work because it was Martin Luther so he got up and let me sleep a little extra while he got ready for work and watched the kids. Then I was sitting downstairs after he made me eggs and coffee...then he texted me from upstairs...saying I needed to be somewhere at 9:15...yeh I needed to get dressed. He told me he'd stay home and send me a text of the number to call on my way to old town and find out where I was going. I called and yipppeee....Aveda salon for a facial and full body massage!! AWESOME. Got home and Aaron headed to work and said to be ready by 6pm because a sitter would be here. It was a great day. The sitter showed up and we went to eat at my favorite...sushi!!! Jeju Shushi restaurant. It was great and Aaron even tried some. Then we headed home to a sweet surprise party of a few women I love and a homemade strawberry cake with strawberry icing...AARON made it!! It was awesome. GREAT 32nd birthday!.....and when I got to bed...he handed me an envelope that had two tickets to Toby Mac concert with Brandon Heath opening in Denver for Feb. 3rd!!! AWESOME

Uh....she picked the clothes and I messed with her fun!

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