Sunday, June 3, 2012

Baseball and mohawks...and bees before we started baseball season Malachi needed a cut...and it was my crazy idea to try something new...a MOHAWK! He was mostly stoked to try to look like a dinosaur...of course. So here it is pre-first game!

 We signed Malachi up for team baseball with the Fort Collins Baseball club and he is on the Liberty 2 team with a few of his being Parker...his buddy from church. I love that I captured this pic of the two of them hangin in the field waiting for an amazing fly ball...yeh that never happened.

 Ahh the many positions of 1st grade least this was the first game. Malachi has played first base and catcher and he's got a great arm. I also had to snap some shots of what the other munchkins did...and sweet Parker's sister, Grace played with Rachel. At the second game it was much hotter so it brought on some troubles....including bees. It was the last hitter and I saw the coach come running off the field with Malachi. He was playing short stop and all I saw was a look of terror. The coach said Malachi thought he'd been stung by a bee...yep. Right in the back of his neck. We got the stinger out with someones credit card and it only swelled a little. But we shall see how he feels at the next game when he has to stand in the field. Could be interesting considering that bee had to sting the one kid out of our four that is terrified of bugs. Seriously? Oh well...he will learn from it.

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