Monday, November 5, 2007

My cheap costumes!!

Ok, for Halloween we've never done dress up and so my effort to go cheap was waiting for a good deal. Well...I got one. I got these costumes for 50% off at Old Navy and was so pumped in the store when I put the jacket top on Malachi and it seemed to fit great!(even though it was a size 6-12month...and he fits 24month-2t!!!) So I never bothered to try the entire outfit on him until the day of, and as we're getting ready for our churches huge Trunk-or-Treat here's what I found out...yep...the pants left about 3-4 inches to desire...and the sleeves looked ok if he didn't try to put his hands in the built in gloves! So for the night we went without the monkey pants and just wore our own brown pants. Rachel...well, she actually fit in this enormous, newborn size!!!(yeh right), pumpkin costume. And within about 2 minutes after I put it on her she'd fall I had to keep taking it off to keep her awake. But our night was great fun, even though Aaron couldn't get the night off. We didn't venture through the entire trunk or treat to get candy. Malachi just played in the game area for tokens and then we took pictures and left. yeh...there were about 1500 people there and at least 1200 kids came through the trunk or treat. It was a zoo but fun and Malachi definitely didn't understand the costumes people wore. It was great.

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McBunni said...

That pumpkin outfit is SOOOOOOO cute!