Friday, November 16, 2007


Last Sunday morning I made some pancakes...buckwheat pancakes and of course Malachi loves these! He ate 4 of them...not full size...but he also had 1/2 a banana and should have been very full...especially with buckwheat cakes!(he also just eats them plain with nothing added...funny kid) So...Aaron left for work and I had a plate of pancakes cooling on the counter in our gated in kitchen so I could freeze them. I went into our bathroom to finish getting ready and I didn't hear anything from Malachi so of course I got worried. I came out and around the kitchen corner was Malachi....scarfing down pancakes!!! He had taken a toy and moved the plate to where he could reach and had eaten at least two more cakes and was shoveling one down as I firmly told him to go to time out(trying very hard not to laugh). He was covered in crumbs and so was our floor!! MAN...can this kiddo eat??? Yeh...he doesn't get that from mommy. It was absolutely hilarious!

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