Sunday, January 31, 2010

Aaron's work CHRISTmas party

So we had Aaron's annual CHRISTmas party at our house and it was so much fun! Almost all the employees showed up and we just enjoyed tons of good food that everyone brought and getting to know each other. So enjoy..

Here's a fun snowman cake I made...which after all the other food we had this didn't even get touched! But it sure tasted good the next day!
Here's the staff...without their significant others...from left to right; Jason, Dave(back row), Trent(front row), Jen, Connie, Carl and Aaron. It was a ton of fun.

Here's Jen's sweet boy Richie...sooo stinkin cute!

And here's Jason's little girl Hannah...super sweet.

Here's the mom's trying to get the little ones to play together.

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