Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Very late birthday pictures!! Opps

Malachi is 4 and I know he'd be sad or upset that I haven't posted pictures of his special Thomas birthday! It was fantastic. It was much more laid back than Rachels and was great for him. The cake was fun but a bit rushed. At least it turned out to look like Thomas and that's all that Malachi cared about. He had a great time with his Grandma and Grandpa Bob and of course his friends. After his party we ate a small dinner and then took Malachi, Rachel, and their best friend Tanner..our neighbor...to Chucky Cheese where Tanner and his parents played their hearts out to win Malachi a great toy! And Grandma and Grandpa Bob got soar from playing all the games themselves...ha! It was a blast.

And our sweet niece Avery seemed to have a blast! Isn't she gorgeous!!!!!!

Here is Shanole and her two kiddos, Sydney and Aucklynd(A.J.) from our small group

And of course...Thomas hats and sweet Tanner Malachi's best friend.

And here's Kenna, from our small group and also goes to preschool with Malachi.

Yep that's Sydney....she's so stinkin cute!

And he got his first real Thomas for his train track!! Thank you to the Gustafsons!

And Rachel...no she's not hyper from sugar. She's just awnry like this...!

Here we go at Chucky Cheese. Aaron had so much fun playing with the kids...and competing with Tanners dad, Tyler..ha! A bit competitive.

This does not look like her favorite ride

No...Rachel loves being with Tanner but she is getting very tired and you can tell!

This is how daddy gets such a good score...yep Malachi is standing in the game!

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