Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rachel being....Rachel!

Oh the day that goes by when Rachel doesn't crack me up is when she's sick or not here....

So in the car on our way back from our week vacation at Taylor Park/Grand Junction...Aaron decides to pull jokes on the kids like my dad did. He drove over the sound bars on the side of the road to startle them. They were cracking up. And so here's what was said...
Me-"Isn't Daddy Silly?"
Kids-"yes, daddy is silly"
Me-"I think he's goofy."
Malachi-Laughing loudly "Daddy you're goofy"
Rachel- Yelling with a huge laugh "No...Daddy you're Mickey!"

Today at lunch I had asked Rachel if she wanted to pray and that's hard because Malachi most definitely feels the need to be the only one to pray. So here's what she said...
"Jesus, thank you for food. thank you for Machi, Rachel, Daddy, Mommy. thank you for baby brother Isaiah. thank you for playing outside. I don't like this tuna melt. ....but I'm going to eat it. bless this food nourish our bodies. in Jesus Christ holy name. Amen."
HA HA! She is hilarious. And just so everyone knows...she ate the bread not the tuna!

Then of course after lunch Rachel had some energy before her nap to run off...so me being me...I began making up a song for her to dance to....amazingly I know my pregnancy brain is gone because I was able to come up with words pretty fast and she was having a blast. After about a 10 minute song I ran out of words so I grabbed my cell phone for her and Malachi to dance to the ringtones(they love them). So they are dancing/running around our coffee table and I am dying. Pretty soon I get the Funky song on which they know is Auntie Rachel's song and little Rachel is really gettin down as she goes around the table she yells at me..."LOUDER MOMMY, LOUDER!!" I was dying. She's awesome...and Malachi's robot moves were amazing..I hope to post those someday soon!

Tonight we met up with my sis and her two daughters, Avery and Madison at McAllisters for dinner because every night is kids eat free so we were absolutely the only ones in the restaurant...which is good because Malachi and Rachel and Avery were super hyper to see each other. And then it happened....a flying object in our corner window booth. At first Avery thought it was a butterfly and the kids were a bit mesmerized by it...and then they realized it was flying near them...it was a moth. A big one! And all the sudden the most high pitch scream came from little Rachel. It was right behind her. Four really loud screams later and a terrified little girl, Auntie Rachel stepped in and killed the nasty moth. I was laughing so loud I had to look away! Little Rachel, who is my fearless and brave, dirt doesn't bother me, little girl was so terrified! Poor girl. It just cracked me up. So...hopefully I will have more stories on her soon...I'm sure I will!

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