Saturday, June 5, 2010

I am coming back

I just thought I'd post a short note to let those who care know I will be back with some photo's soon. It's been a bit crazy the last month....not just in our house but also my sister's with their new baby girl, Madi, stopping breathing one night(she is absolutely fine...after a ride in the paramedics to the ER)...and our own little changes. But now that Malachi's preschool is over and summer is goin we're trying to enjoy the outdoors and the kids are hooked on the new swingset(a.k.a. "the park" which is what Malachi calls it) and my garden is growing great. Just a little late to start due to Isaiah joining our family at prime planting time. So...I will post a bunch of photo's for those of you who care...mostly Grampy and Nanny who live in Hungary and I know they check this and show everyone over there their grandbabies!! Love and miss them tons. So...please enjoy and be patient with me posting more...I am coming.

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