Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sweet little Rachel moment

I just had a sweet moment with Rachel...which happens a lot even though she is super fiesty! She'd gone to bed about two hours ago and all the sudden I heard her crying. So I ran up and found her with a tear soaked face and calling for me. So I held her in my arms and sat down just running my fingers through her crazy curly hair. She looked up at me in sobs with those big blue I asked if she wanted me to sing to her. It always seemed to calm all three of my kids to sing to them, especially when they were little babies. So I began to sing "I love you Lord"...and when I'd gotten halfway through it the second time...she stopped me and said, "mommy, why you sing it again?" I said..."because I love that song."....silence...and then...she began..."twinkle twinkle little star..." which she absolutely loves to sing but she hasn't figured out how to end it...she just keeps going when she should finish....and then goes right into "ABCDEFG...." which she used to not know how to end because she'd get to the "now I know my ABCDEFG...." and so on! But she did finish and clapped for herself. She gave me huge kisses and hugs and I reminded her that God is bigger than anything and is watching over her. I told her I was always here but most of all Jesus was watching over her. And I prayed again. Never can do that too much to remind them of what I find comfort in. My Lord and Savior is always with me...always! Praise Jesus!

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