Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I am finally coming back

Hey everyone...if you are still there? We are back on here. It has been months and months but...a lot has happened. I am now over 17 weeks pregnant with our fourth kiddo and super duper busy with Malachi in Kindergarten and just plain tired from pregnancy. But it's been a great summer and now I want to bring myself back on here to share our lives. So...I am not going to post pictures from the whole summer but we were blessed to have off and on ten weeks with Aaron's folks while they were in the country. We also traveled to Taylor Park with my folks and brother and his family and we traveled to Florida too! It was busy. It all started when we had our best friends, Uncle Tony and Auntie Ky and Annelise from Montana come stay for an awesome week right before summer hit. It has been busy but wonderful. we go! ENJOY!

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