Monday, September 19, 2011

My kiddos

Well...I don't really know where to start but LETS BEGIN! Ha. A few days ago a great friend of mine from my summer project sent me a link on my facebook profile of her blog. She had posted a amazing story.. that I had not sat down and thought about in years. It was of her and I and one day on our summer project in Panama City Beach, Florida with Campus Crusade for Christ. I was soooo humbled and reminded of my purpose. MY PURPOSE! I know...I am a wife and mother of three and soon to be four. It is daunting and busy and sometimes I think...I AM FAILING! Then I read that story and thought a few different things. I wondered if I should be stirring the pot of evangelism in my heart more?? ABSOLUTELY! And then the Lord reminded me..."YOU ARE"....I know that there will always be room for more people to hear God's Word in my life...and many times I miss it...but He has no desire for me to feel as if I am missing out on MY PURPOSE! I love telling people about Him...I LOVE IT! I love seeing Him work in their hearts...I LOVE IT! I love being a vessel and allowing Him to use me in moments I could not orchestrate...I LOVE IT! And so...other thoughts came to mind...and then...God reminded me of some things He is also doing through me...
I was taking the kids into a store real quick...yes...quick...with three kids and pregnant shopping is not my thing much these days!
Malachi = "Mommy...will someone take your keys from you? Will they take your purse?"
Me= "I hope not. I try to carry it close a lot."
Malachi= "Maybe they haven't been to church. Right, Mommy? Lots of strangers don't go to church and hear what they should do."
Me= "You're right a bunch of people don't go to church."
Malachi= "Why? Do they not know where to go? Maybe because their aren't enough seats, Mommy?"
Me= "No...usually Malachi a lot of people don't know they are invited and some people don't know how great God is and how He loves them."
Malachi= "I know mommy. They just don't know how to worship God. They need Him."


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