Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rachel is 4!!!!!!!!!!!!

On September 7th our little girl turned 4!! It was a great day. Pretty relaxed. She started the day with many phone calls and opening her few special presents from family. And of course...she had syrup with pancakes...yes....syrup first. It is a treat for the kids to have syrup so that's what she wanted first! HA! And then because of the rain and daddy working, we went with Auntie Rachel and the girls to Chuckee Cheese. It was a blast. Madison totally loved every ride. It was cute. Then some yummy Chick Fil A and daddy met us for lunch. Then he got off early and just our family went to Jim's Wings for dinner as a sweet gift from Auntie Ky and Uncle Tony!
Then on Sunday the 11th we did Rachel's party. It was super fun. I think I overdid myself with her cake but it was fun for me. I made homemade fondant and 280 flowers!! Then created a sweet castle cake that of course was strawberry! It was a princess and knights party that I asked my sister, Rachel, to be the designer and creater of crafts and munchies. It was awesome! Super pretty! The kids came dressed up, ate fairy tutu's( pink meringue with whip cream and strawberries on top) and krispie star wands(rice krispie sparkle wands), then painted cute pumpkins and we hot glued the sparkly silver pipe cleaners for the wheels and made awesome cinderella carriages! Then they also hunted for matching tiny glass slippers outside that had some candy in them! It was fun! SUPER fun. I know Rachel felt celebrated and like a princess!

Here is the table spread...what you can't see is the amazing balloon decorations, hanging silver ornaments and streamers my sister put up!

And the cute! One knight to save these princesses!! And then two more princess's and one knight in training came later!

And our PRINCESS!!

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