Friday, November 14, 2008

First real birthday party!!! Yippeee!

We were so blessed to have Malachi's first real birthday party and people actually came! I know...he won't remember much but he realized soon that it was all about him and he had a blast. It was so fun and our new friends who lived a few homes down came by with their little guy, Tanner, who's so close to Malachi's age. It was great.

So here's his first real birthday cake! And sad to say only Malachi and Tanner ate them but he was so stinkin excited for cars!!

And of course a Mickey Mouse fruit bowl...he'd rather have fruit than cake!

Here's sweet Tanner and precious Rachel puttin the moves on his food!

Gorgeous Avery had a blast with Rachel trying to eat Malachi's fake food!!

And his big gift from Nanny and Grampy....a wood train track set!!! Yeh...he loved it but we don't have a place to set it up he's been super distracted by cooking with his fake food!


K13 Family Blog said...

cool cake

Team Griggs said...

Happy Birthday! Sorry we couldn't make it...we've got a little something coming in the mail.
The Griggs

Rykowski family said...

What a fun party. That cake is awesome!!

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